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Is anyone actually using Dracoceratosaurus over Dracoceratops?

I’ve seen LOADS of Dracoceratops - way more than before the update, some of them boosted, some of them at a low level. But I have yet to see a Dracoceratosaurus user.

Are users still getting them up to team level? Or is Dracoceratosaurus worse than DC at the moment? I want to use Dracoceratosaurus but… DC clearly got the better end of the deal with her shield piercing moves…


i’ve seen very few fluffy in the arena. they go down pretty quick.


Problem is there is like no reason to go for it…kinda still like with rhino and monometra.

Like just looks at it, it’s almost worse in everyway.

It has lower health, can’t go through armor nor shields…, is only 2 speed faster and 100 attack higher, and it basically has the same kit. There is like no reason to upgrade it

Again it shouldn’t be that good since it’s the easiest unique to unlock but like still it should be somewhat good.


I’ve been forced to use draco until I can get others to team level… It’s pretty good as an unboosted filler. Only reason. My team got hit hard Post 2.0. Rip Monostego :frowning:


Yeah, was looking to unlock it originally, but then asked myself why bother, except to add to the dinodex.

And yeah, I had taken it off my team for the longest time, but have added DC back for now. :frowning:

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I really don’t understand the 900HP drop from DC. That is extortionate for what it gains in return.


What do you mean the rat or the grinch?

Cause the rat got a huge buff in hp and kit.

I’m using it and it works well when I get the opportunity to use it

OG Rat is just better, not to mention being way easier to create


In 2.0, this example is wrong

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Not really monometradon got a huge buff it gained a higher attack buff, not to mention a rampage move and got most of the best resistances.

And while rhino did get a buff it’s not the best…for one it doesn’t have any resilient moves even though like it’s part of the rhino family

even still it’s not really worth investing in much sure the swap in is great but besides that it’s very just meh :unamused: can’t really do much after that


Plus I mean two shields that last only two turns and one doesn’t even do damage? Also once again no rampage :joy:

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Yeah It could at least get a rampage, or be back to being a bleeder. 2.0 just deleted all the bleeders.

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It indeed is meh. Having a shield move is fine but only one would’ve been enough.

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AGAIN with the “2 identical moves in arena” routine.

They seriously need to make the arena moves more diverse, way too many dinos are lacking variety in their movesets because of this raid thing.


I am using him, but only because I like its fluffiness. He needs more speed though, at the moment he barely has anything over his predecessor. The speed isn’t enough to save him from Dracoceratops (which will just cleanse and kill it anyway), and it’s not really capable of holding its ground against other stuff (such as speedy Thors that can max out at 145 speed).
Needs a bit of something. Either more speed, or more HP, or different attacks, or an anti-deceleration resistance.

I used it for a few battles on day 1 of the update, at L29.
It’s horrible lol.

Here’s the fluffy rascal in all his glory:

I use him (even though he’s the lowest lvl in my team) and that statement is just wrong. He’s great, just know how to use him. I chose him instead of Magna, so Monolo isn’t even close

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