Is anyone disappointed with the VIP deals?

Hardly any coin sales. We get a sale of 100 boost for 2000 cash lol. That’s the same as non vip’s 25 boosts for 500 cash. I’m about to drop my VIP like thousands of others have unless Ludia does something about it. Thoughts?


I’m disappointed that someone had a great idea to add the offer while I collect my daily battle incubator. :man_facepalming::weary: for what? :man_shrugging:

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Phil, I’m not following. What do you mean?


Now when you go to collect your daily battle incubator, you are hit with the join vip prompt. Before you could just collect it and go about your day. Now you get the offer thrown in your face. The same one that pops up when you’re trying to spin supply drops. It’s annoying and not needed. We get it, you offer vip and there are a few perks. If people want it they’ll sign up. If they don’t we don’t need to have it thrown in our face to remind us that we aren’t going to join no matter how many times we see it.


Are you kidding me?! Ugh. I mean if it was a good deal they wouldn’t need to advertise it at every turn. Ludia just needs to give us a good return on our investment.

Exactly, VIP is really poor. However it’s the second best thing in the shop apart from the care bundles and when they used to sell 350 darts for 100 coins.

Subscribing to VIP is more or less the same as the below.

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They should bring back the 350 darts for 100 coins, or a similar price, but make it only available for VIP members

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So there is the main VIP perk - advertising free! Do you think you can get away with non-VIP? Then the “better communication with the community after the update” will be thrown in your face all the time.

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Literally the best part of VIP now is not getting the pop ups for VIP! :man_shrugging:


Lol I was wondering if the pop up went away if you were vip. Probably the best perk as mentioned.

But being vip how does that give better communication? I have a lot of friends who have vip and their support is about the same as mine.

Best part is I contacted support about an error code. The title of my message was the error code. It resolved itself the next morning. Support writes back because they saw recent activity. Wanted to confirm it was ok. I told them it was and asked if there was any information about the error. Why does the support guy tell me the error code as being the cause of my issue? :man_facepalming::joy::man_shrugging: It was given to me in the game and it was also the title of my email. So basically I was told nothing I didn’t know and then was told they don’t even know what the error is. :man_shrugging:

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Not anymore as I cancelled it.

I’ve had been VIP for two years until last month and there is no better communication with VIP, in fact most messages go unanswered.

🤦🏽Oh man that stinks haha

There’s a coin sale today for vip. You can only buy 1. 375,000 for 4500 cash

I cancelled VIP after Ludia nerfed all the resilents without even offering a boost reset. That was simply a shameless cash grab and they should be ashamed of themselves.

As for the VIP “deals”… Aside from the enhanced drone range/time and slightly better supply contents, the only thing my $10 bucks a month bought was the option to access more “deals” like more coins for your dollars. The thing is those “deals” should be the standard baseline (ex: minimum 350,000 coins for $4500 dollars as opposed to 250,000) since the current base prices are so outrageous, it’s laughable.

I currently have two Level 25 Legendaries and four Level 22 Uniques I’d like to level up, but the base $250 thousand coin deal is pathetically low and would cover two at most. After that, I’d have to shell out actual money to buy more cash or grind away for the next six months or so to build up a reserve again and honestly, it’s not worth it. Especially if I were to spend that cash only for them to nerf the dinos I just spent all this time and money building up. Frankly, everything Ludia does lately feels like a grift. It’s insulting and I’m losing interest.


You’d be surprised how well you can do without spending any money on the game. I have 2 accounts and both are at 5k trophies. Plenty of great Dinos too.

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More or less the same for me. 2 accounts both at 6k trophies. Total spend: 0. Not counting the time spent playing though. Been tempted by the care bundles a couple of times but never cracked.

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Cancelled vip after they messed up with the comp last month

VIP isn’t worth it anyhows

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