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Is anyone else afraid of patch 2.0?

One would think that calling it 2.0 instead of just 1.15 would mean a big change. But the only teaser we have gotten was for raids which no one knows how they even work and I think will be confusing if creatures moves were different in arena and raids.

So I’m afraid either this will be a very underwhelming 2.0 or we are still a month or two away from it.


i’m not really afraid, nor am i overly excited. i’m just waiting. (confused?) Pretty much i’ve gone into maintenance mode and am taking it one day at a time.


Well now let’s see…
After the tournament ended the arena was unavailable due to some bug or another.
Chat is still as broken as ever.
The creatures and events for the week are totally different in game to those featured on twitter and Facebook.
We have players who have yet to create legendary dinos with Ardentismaxima in their teams.
The arena is still generally felt to be as toxic as it’s ever been.
Early signs of raids look remarkably similar to PoGo raids.

So what could go wrong?



I would’ve thought 2.0 meant aquatics

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I havent been back on since this morning when I couldn’t get in the arena. Has it been fixed yet?

My fear is it will be a different game.
As long as it’s still the same at it’s core I’ll adapt.
If it’s an entirely new game it will have to be really good.


I am terrified. I hope I won’t lose my spiky cow. And I fear the many different bugs the new update will spawn.


I left pokemons and started JWA because of the raids, so yep, I’m worrying a lot.


I’m really not expecting much. I think all we’ll get is raids and a few new critters (as always). I don’t think we’ll even get a Procerathomimus nerf. And as for the raids, I don’t expect them to be much more interesting or rewarding than strike events. But it’s a new way to get rewards, so I’m sure not complaining about it

I’m a bit afraid, I hope they don’t turn the game upside down making stuff like Gem useless. So that we’d have to rebuild our whole team. Throwing in the garbage all our hard work. Sure enough, some OP stuff can be nerfed and some can be buffed, but I hope they don’t change too much.


Afraid? No. Its an overhyped update that is not ready. Concerned that it is complete waste of time? Yes.

Rebalancing doesnt scare me, I will adapt. Co-Op looks like a chore. Families are interesting but tied to Co-Op so meh. No mention of actual QoL changes that will make the game less samey and less negative.


Waiting with anticipation.

2.0 equals an overhaul, major revision.

How bad can it be.


That’s the thing I’m scared of. That’s what you would expect but they haven’t mentioned any of that.

JWA 2.0


The game is so messed up xD

I’m always afraid the updates will slow my phone or they won’t hold the game any longer. I don’t expect much anymore. I’d rather they patch bugs than add anything. Well, unless it’s more dinosaurs and dinosaur hybrids.


When you excited for this update but realize you have no friends or alliance members(or alliance members who would help)

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oof, I’m always on with like four people active.

2.0 will either fix the game or put the nail in the coffin, let’s wait and see


Reason for it being called 2.0 instead of 1.15 could very well be because it is multiple patches rolled into one. I am not afraid of it at all. I am intrigued at the changes that may occur. Will it be good enough to keep playing or will it be the death nail. Just wait and see. Hopefully the co-op will breathe fresh air into an already stagnant game.

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