Is Anyone Else Bothered By "Post Withdrawn" or is it just me?

I just feel really bothered by the fact that a post was made and I can’t see it.

It’s like a robbery. I feel like I was stolen from because something was said in a thread I’m engrossed in and am invested in and I will never know what it is. In a real conversation you can’t just delete what you’ve spoken.

I am simply asking would it be too much for it to simply be hidden, but able to be viewed by those who wish to see it like other sites? I know they have that feature here, but I just don’t think it should be able to be deleted entirely. Hidden sure. I still don’t agree with that either, but it’s better than nothing.

It’s frustrating because it totally breaks the flow of conversation and censoring a word or phrase that is against the rules I understand, but the whole point doesn’t have to be deleted when it can simply be altered. If anything I think we should mandate that any editations be true to the original nature of the post and that it be illegal to try to change the content instead of correcting a violation of policy.

That seems fair.

Are any moderators able to speak to this? Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

its just nvm
its the users way of saying “NEVER MIND! I DIDNT WANT TO POST THAT”


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-- seriously --

  • -_-

Very funny actually.

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Yeah, but it literally makes me feel wronged as though I don’t get to partake in a piece of the conversation that is gone forever.

It’s like what Dr. Buddy Rydell said in Anger Management about not hiding what we feel and speaking out our thoughts.

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it also could’ve had nothing to do with the conversation and been posted to the wrong thread. It happens. especially when you’re searching between stuff.


Really it’s just a user trying to a) correct/erase a mistake or b) the user wants the post to disappear

Yeah, but all I’m asking for is an audit of hidden posts. The ability to simply view it just to know for my own sanity. @Bub

But what if the user doesn’t want to offend someone unintentionally, or what if that post is holding them back somewhere else? It’s just something to think about

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Wouldn’t a fair thing then be to let each individual user decide whether or not they want to see it? I think so. If you willingly look at a hidden post you lose your right to complain when you knew the possibilities.

Additionally this happens here already. I’m not asking for anything that doesn’t already occur, just for the feature to be permanent.

But its not unfair, as everyone is being shafted from this .It’s mostly only the poster that knows, and it’s frustrating, but also a privacy thing


I just managed to post the wrong thing so withdrew it!

It’s a good thing to be able to do it. It should, however, simply delete rather than leave that message there.


I accidentally posted a picture of me and my mates down the pub once, was supposed to have posted a screenshot from arena, was very grateful I could correct my mistake… as I’m sure everyone else is :grin:


I see your point, but look at it like a movie spoiler. You get a choice.

What about verbal conversation comparison? This is why I LOVE when movies script in mistakes and stuttering or such things because it’s more humanly realistic than no mistakes throughout all dialogue in a film.

People just need to watch their ‘Wrongthink’ or the Ministry of Truth will get them :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember to read the Tenth edition of the dictionary to avoid the use of any unwords :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just posted 2 additional pics to a Grypo strategy :rofl:

Couldn’t find a way to remove them quickly so just deleted it!


Isabelle you’re scaring me. I’m terrified just that it’s taking this long for you to post which is another thing of mine. I just hope I’m not in trouble.

You ever see someone take like literally 6-9 minutes to post while everyone else is constantly talking and then they finally post and it’s like one or two lines and you go “Really?!” It took you that long to type two sentences.

I just feel robbed there as well and am comparing it to the original post here because then that’s like someone typed out an entire wall then edited over and over.


Can you answer one other thing? I’m very curious. Why is it that when you have a post flagged and hidden you can still see it then? Just say that the word milk was banned here and you had me get flagged, but if a person can still see milk in the hidden post… you see?

I, of course, agree with hidden posts. I just am happy you replied. Thank you.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)