Is anyone else disconnecting every 2 minutes?


It’s been glitching really bad today since about 5pm and now I can’t even connect to the game long enough to do a strike event. Even the battles have shadows flickering through the whole match. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this?

This is real crap
Freezing and Glitches

Yes! I thought it was me but it’s not working at all.


I was barely able to squeeze in the last 2 chests because I went out right before the reset, and then it took at least 20 minutes to do the 3-round strike event. I’m mad that I’m gonna miss out on all the coins from the 2 longer strike events that I still had to do.


Its been awful for the last few hours; I haven’t really suffered many battle glitches before now but just lost three matches in a row …

  1. No matter what attack I selected it used the default one throughout the whole battle
  2. Part way through the first opponent it just suddenly awarded them the game 3-1
  3. 1-1, lost connection and was 3-1 by the time I connected

Not battling any more for now.


Same here - although my post about the last 3 battles has just been auto hidden :frowning:


Yeah I stopped doing battles a few hours ago because of the same reason. I started getting disconnected during battles and didn’t want to risk it since I’ve finally been moving back up the ranks. I’m tempted to go try the strike events again but I have a feeling it’s gonna disconnect as soon as I get near one.


Wish I’d given up earlier - I was within striking distance of Jurassic Ruins but now back down around 3800 :frowning:


Ok - this is now getting silly. Just restarted the app having given up earlier to have it go straight to a battle result (3-1 loss) which I didn’t even start!!! :rage: Down below 3800 trophies now.
Haven’t had any major battle issues until today …


Wait, kicked off the network? Like no more data or wifi? Or the app shuts down? If the app keeps shutting down, ah you know all this. Nothing new im gonna tell ya. Force stopped the app? It might have something to do with the app not picking up everyone’s GPS signal. If it’s in the middle of Maintenance. I didnt even turn it on yet I check w you guys first to see what’s happening. Then I play. Check this apps permissions to allow it to use what it needs… hey, hey, hey, im just spit balling here. Just trying to help.


Seems more stable now … still getting butt kicked but that’s my own poor play or a bad team selection …


Not disconnected much but been having very glitchy/laggy gameplay. The more dinos I dart, the more laggy the game becomes. If I restart it, the game goes back to normal, until I dart dinos again. I hope it’s on their end and not mine because it’s not been doing this since release and now suddenly it’s unplayable after 3 dinos darted :confused:


I notice it takes a little longer than usual to be able to start darting when I hit launch. Darting is jumpy and after darting takes a long time for it to go back to the drone screen and then the dino card screen with the dna I got.

Yes it is more laggy than usual.

Rebooting my phone helped a bit. It’s always good to do this after the major download updates.


happen me too since yesterday, i was thinking it was a problem with my phone or the ram or something like that, but now i know it’s something on the servers because a lot of players have the same issue


Same here, lots of lag on the main screen, when changing screens and the capture screen.


Battles seem ok now but darting is nearly impossible - just had a T-Rex appear and barely got any hits - double darting, jerky/laggy movement … I’m going to give up now until this evening (2pm in the UK at the mo).


Game was horrible yesterday/last night. Everything was jerky and laggy. I closed, cleaned cache, restarted the phone and wanted to pound the phone through the wall, but nothing helped. Ludia, many of your player base are quickly losing any hope you care about the game. Fix it or give the game to someone that knows what they are doing AND will offer in game items at a reasonable cost. We’re not made of money


Mine stayed connected but it is hiccupping like mad. Could Ludia’s servers be overloaded since every tom dick n harry under 4000 is battling like mad? I am almost 4300 and still wondering should I join in this last-minute group and try to get in the top 500…or just stay put.


I just lost 7 battles in a row and three of them can be attributed to glitches. The other four can be attributed to being way overmatched. A guy pulled out both a Stegodeus and an Indominus Rex in Lockdown. I wonder if they are working on the new update and the bugs are coming out en masse.


Ugh my game is lagging horribly! And every time I grab a dinosaur and try to go to the screen to unlock it the game just closes


I’ve still got some bad lag and app crashing randomly. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon because there’s some good dinos out today and i need to make up for the last 2 days of the dead map. Pretty much all I’ve been hunting for 2 days is stego and apato since there was barely any other dinos out.