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Is anyone else getting 12 hours and 24 hours incubators?


I am not getting any longer than 8 hours incubators. I got 14 straight 8 hours incubators and before that I got 1x 12 hour incubator. So basically since update 1.7 dropped I am not getting any incubator longer than 8 hours.

Is that normal now?

We got 24 hrs on 2 accounts yesterday and the other account a few days ago.

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So seems like my account only is bugged?

I can’t even think of actually getting any positive help from Ludia support.

There on a set pattern there’s no bug

But I know that 14 straight 8 hours incubator is not in pattern, right? @Brabbink

9 is the maximum 8hrs you should get before getting either a 12 or 24hr this has been a set cycle for a long time i’d contact support if you definitely got 14,

I open every inc straight away and the pattern has always been flawless so i’d assume you have a glitch…


Everything is working for me.

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Ive just got a 12 yesterday on schedule…

Only thing ive noticed differently is im getting way more epic dna in the 3 hour and 15 minute incs… just like 30… but it seems to happen alot more often.

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Under normal circumstances, only 1 out of 100 incubators will be 24 hours, and 2 in 100 will be 12 hour.

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The base cycle goes 13383 (15m, 3h, 3h, 8h, 3h). Every 100th incubator will be an epic 24h one, every 50th will be a 12h!

So say you win 2 matches, and you get a 3h, and then another 3h, you will know the next one is an 8h (providing its not that point in the cycle to get a 12h or 24h).

Just remember - 13383

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Thats I know and this is the reason I am saying that I was getting 12 hours and 24 hours much earlier (likely on schedule before); but since update 1.7 first drop; I am almost getting 2x 8 hours incubator per day but didn’t see 12 hours yet. so even if I get 1x 8 hour everyday, its more than 14 days since update dropped.

I will wait few more days before sending email to Ludia (which in my experience won’t be that useful though)

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In the middle of the cycle there is one of the special incubators is just an 8h, you are likely in this part of the cycle, like this - 24h (100th) > 12h (75th) > 8h (50th) (special) > 12h (25th) > 24h.

You are likely seeing the middle of the larger cycle at work, and one of the 12h you world normally get, was instead the 8h special.

Edit: So you will probably get a 12h next!

Edit 2: I myself am about 18 incubators from my 24h, looking forward to it so badly lol. Need all that rubbish DNA after all haha!

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I just opened a 12 hour incubator, which was actually pretty good with a nice amount of rare Irritator.

The pattern hasn’t changed, but it may appear this way because many of us are battling less (no need to explain why I’m sure) and therefore not spending cash on opening incubators early which expedited the cycle.


Yep I actually let a 12h incubator cook the whole 12 hours away, normally I would open it early…providing I had the DinoBux that is.

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