Is anyone else getting this?

@Jorge I fear this Dino will become just what indoraptor 1.0 and stegodeus were.

A power and HP boost on a Dino that is already fast, has distraction, greater stunning, rampage
and can run away?

I hate nerfs,
but the updated stats for this moveset do not bode well for balanced gameplay in JWA 1.5.

it still loses 25% power with distracting strike and it cant cleanse anything but distraction.


“Impact and run” becomes “rampage and run”

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Yeah I really didn’t get why they boosted its HP and attack. Perhaps its to cover the attack increase for dilorano

Also for me it seems like alot of Dino’s are receiving increases to attack stats. I’m thinking this will make battles go much faster. Plus so many new heavy hitters coming, or so it seems. So this dino needed added health to still be relevant


I assume that you do not have Diloracheirus on your team and you never used it. From my experience, because of the move changes, the Attack and HP buff are necessary.

Great Stunning Rampage and Rampage and Run are delayed. To use Diloracheirus in a more effective way is being able to use its first move (SS or Distracting Impact) to kill the first almost-dying dino and leave Great Stunning Rampage to stun the next dino. Now, because of this change, the first move damage is only 1450 instead of 1995 (based on current damage 1330 at lvl 26), which means in the next update, Diloracheirus will suffer from the damage from the other dino if it cannot kill it at the attack of 1450. Therefore, the HP buff is necessary. Honestly I prefer Distracting Impact because in most cases I need more damage in the first round to finish off the almost-dying dino and get Great Stunning ready for the next dino.

Some examples, I faced with Tryostronix (LVL 24ish 1600 ish HP left, On Ready to rush) and Gorgosuchus (Lvl 25 ish 1800 ish HP left, and on Ferocious strike) many times in arena Lookwood. Before, I could finish them with Distracting Impact in the first move, but after the update, if I have no other choice but to use Diloracheirus, it will suffer huge damage from them before they die.

Therefore, the HP and Damage buff are necessary. After the update, I will most likely to use it when the almost-dying dino has less than 1450 HP left.

One related question, the stats are based on a lvl 26 Diloracheirus right? But currently, lvl 26 Diloracheirus HP is exactly 3450, what does it mean “increased to 3450”? Is that a tpyo from the team? Should it be 3540? I am a bit confused here. @Jorge


I agree with LJW. All told, it reads well but some would argue in function this is a bit of a nerf and I agree tbh. It’s still an Apex dino though.

The hidden nerf is utarinex imo. With his daddy getting a speed buff and the downfall of tank meta, fast dinos will engage in bigger portion. 126 is humbly low in its class, there’s no fast dinos I can think of that will lose a matchup against utarinex at the moment.

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You’re rightt, I don’t have one so You’ll have to clarify for me…

So one could distract, then use Greater stunning rampage, stun the opponent and then use rampage and run after that?

Personally I think Erlidominus is literally a cheat code now. Boosted its attach, health and speed to 129. On top of immunity and if desperate cloak. This dinosaur is an absolute monster and arguably the best in the game in the new meta. Tryko also got a sizable buff.

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I have already clarified. I wrote several paraphrases.

@JHVS I view it as a nerf and buff at the same time. With its first move got nerfed, I need to make sure it holds some HP after the surviving dino’s attack, especially immune, or cleanse creatures.


Well said.

Yikes :grimacing::grin:

This thread really seemed to be home!

Thanks for your paraphrases

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I think so too. Erlidominus is way too powerful. I feel like it can kill everything with luck. But still, I am hesitated to create it. Maybe due to “gross miscalculation”, it will be nerfed next time …

Erlidominus is going to be a problem. Tryko will counter it though I think

I do think that speed has now most likely made a resurgence and Stegod and similar dinos will be needed for that. How that all shakes out will be interesting

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Maybe Tragodistis as well?

I think so

Honestly it only needed an Hp buff. It has minimal speed up so it didnt need the speed boost. Its attack is already high, now 2x damage turn one with 20% chance crit. I know it should be strong but this is too much.

Everyone thinks overleveled tanks will go away. Stegod and Tragod still have their uses. They both took a hit but are still really good dinosaurs. APR only mattered against other tanks, stegod will still counter indo and all other raptors.

Correct. In my opinion their roles will switch to a more generalist greatness to a specialized one but still a needed tool. And the fact their counters often draw against them in regards to bleeders matters too

Exactly. They are now better suited for a tank role, which is fine by me. In most cases stegod may bleed out but it still kills the bleeder as well. Plus people will still use speedy dinos, so superiority strike helps in that regard.