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Is anyone else having trouble connecting this game over Mobile/Data Network?


For the past month its become impossible for me to connect to the game over my mobile network. It works perfectly fine over WiFi, but the moment I switch to Mobile Data, it gets stuck on the loading screen (1/28) and stops. It does log me in to my google play account, but thats about it. After many many restarts and clearing game caches it will maybe start just once (very ad hoc and painstaking). A couple of my alliance members have also complained of the same. I am in India and am using an Android device. I wanted to know if anyone else is also having a similar issue, if yes, do you have any pointers on how to get past this. I am missing out on special events as I cant use this game outside my home for darting!!



I’ve run into something similar. For about 3 updates, this page has become more common:

I’m getting a lot more 17/27 hang-ups and such. I’m wondering if the packets have gotten to large for my mobile plan, or what.

У меня тоже самое но только другое у меня не заходит ни как ни с wi-fi и с мобильными данными

Translated From Russian
“ I have the same thing, but only the other does not work for me either with wi-fi or with mobile data

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Hey there everyone. If you’re still having issues connecting to the game, please email our support team at so they can have a closer look!