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Is anyone else losing trophies when they win?


This happened a few nights a couple months ago and then all was good until last night. I didn’t screen shot, but the last battle I was at 4828 and won and am now 4805. There were two others as well. I should be much closer to 4900.


I don’t keep track that well, but I’d swear it just happened to me.

Was close to 3500, next battle I’m at 3380.

I didn’t lose.


Not me. Everything has been fine.


I wish I would have kept track, started at 4808, played 7 lost 2 and have less than I started with. Thought it was the odd way trophies were counted, but the last one made me quit for the night.


Hey Kodiakhunter1, could you contact our team here at with the date and time of the battle when you think you had lost trophies from winning a match, along with your support key so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!

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I sent an email this morning :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for responding though! :smiley:


Sometimes they fail to update trophy counts for previous battles, so maybe you just lost a couple of battles and when you win this one the trophy automatically updates.


Hopefully it will be corrected either through support or battling. Will try tonight :slightly_smiling_face: