Is anyone else not liking the changes to combat in the last update?


I read the update notes, thought I understood everything for the most part (at least the stuff that applies to me; stuff about dinosaurs I’ve never seen don’t count), and then go into the battle arena and NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

It seems like, all the sudden, none of my dinos do as much damage as they’re supposed to, but my opponents all do more damage to me than I’m expecting, based on what I know about each dino’s ratings. And they all seem to get extra swipes at me, completely unrelated to the new “swap-in” ability. And who has the initiative to strike first NEVER makes sense, or works in my favor. NEVER. And suddenly my Velociraptor never makes it into the arena, even though it’s my 2nd most advanced member (and everyone ELSE’S Velociraptor does make it in against me).

Brief example: one opponent opened with his Velociraptor, who managed to take out my stegosaurus and my allosaurus, AND LIVE. My dinos are level 15 and 14, respectively, and his Velociraptor looked to be around that, but lower (he had less than 1000 health anyway). Seemed like my dinos couldn’t get a swipe in edgewise, at all, and when they did they never did anywhere near the damage they should have. Normally my Allosaurus can take out a Velociraptor with one bite.

Is anyone else having these kinds of issues? Do I just need to completely relearn how to do battles now? The Arena used to be fun, even though I probably got my butt kicked at least 1/3 of the time. Now that seems to be all I do, except for a very occasional, barely-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth win (which always feels like an accident); not fun anymore, just stressful and frustrating.

I’m sorry if I sound whiny; I’m just genuinely confused and frustrated, and feel like just as I was starting to get attached to this game it got taken away and replaced with something meant to punish me. If other people are feeling the same way then we need to speak up! If I’m just missing some basic but important new information then please enlighten me.


It’s all a bit hairy ATM I think. Was annoyed at previously working damage preview on a few Dino’s not working and losing me fights but just the beginning of bugfest new update brought


New Spinotasuchus sucks now! Old one was better


I’m mostly annoyed with how slow the battles are now. But the fixed rng is nice to see.


You’re spot on but I found that I just had to adjust my Dinos according to their new found abilities. I’ve been leading with my Gorgosuchus and I’ve been getting practically 2 full wins before losing thanks to her aforementioned new found ability. You’re definitely are not able to battle like you were previously, new strategies must be had. I too was frustrated the first day or so but have really enjoyed the new array of attacks since then. :+1:t3:


Great to hear some support of my favorite beast in the arena…:blush:
It was not given any hope when the developer released the new update notes.


I am slowly adapting to the new battle rules, and I’m not always losing now. Thanks for the confirmation; it’s helpful to hear I’m not just imagining this stuff.

I hope they’re not going to switch things around to this degree every time I get used to how it works.


Biggest loser from update is definately spinotasuchus


Actually being whine is demanded if you want to enjoy the game. So don’t worry about that. We all feel the same. :wink:

Did the Velo hit your Stegosaurus critically? That of course would be tragic. Otherwise he needed to be at least level 25 to beat your level 15 Stego. That is of course if you started with superiority strike to cleanse his negative pounce effects first.

I havent noticed too many changes so far. Just my Suchotator is far more helpful now. I already liked him before but now he is a true beast.


havne’t noticed anything changed. every battle is stegodeus, indoraptor, stegoceratops and IREX vs someone elses’s exact same team. whoever gets the crits, dodges and stuns comes out on top :sleeping:


I haven’t really noticed any changes except the damage preview bug.

Speaking of the Stegosaurus and Velociraptor thing though, the Stego got a slight dmg nerf, not much though. My lvl 16 used to do 1088 with Thagomizer but now only does 1059. However, you don’t quite explain what happened in the fight.

It would go one of 2 ways:

  1. Velociraptor pounces, you use Thagomizer - this would be a mistake. Then you use basic attack and hit first but would not be enough to kill Velociraptor. Vraptor bites you and kills you, then gets a pounce on Allosaurus.
  2. Velociraptor pounces, you use basic attack to get fully damage on Vraptor, then use Thagomizer you should kill it. So i’m guessing you did not do that.

Unless of course Vraptor got critical on your Stego and one-shotted it.


Ludia definitely has to do sth. about high level players. If there are only a handful of extremely superior dinos and basically everybody has them more or less on top level (or close), then RNG has to take over and even the best strategy won’t help much any more. They need to bring in better counters against those top dinos and maybe nerf them a little more.


I don’t remember the details anymore. I was so stunned as it was happening that I don’t think all those details registered. All I remember is that it seemed like he was getting extra hits on my guys, and the very few counterpunches I got looked feeble, compared to the kind of damage I’m used to inflicting.

Quite possible the Velociraptor got really lucky with critical hits, after a couple of other battles I lost because I wasn’t expecting some of what seemed like extra attacks my opponents got on me.


yeah the dino variety is very stale arena 8+. one of the great things about clash royale is that literally every card in the game is usuable. commons, rares, epics, legendaries. even in the highest arena and competitive play. JWA, there’s maybe like 10. would be nice if they could do something about that.