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Is anyone else this sick of the RNG or am I just this unlucky?


I truly believe the RNG is broken. There have been a couple posts addressing that in the higher ranks between 4k and 5k trophies the use of evasive stance and cloak abilities have turned so many matches into a 50/50 crap shoot.

Now before I go into why I don’t like the current system, please note I am a good strategic battler. I have been in and out of the top 500 several time, top 200 at my best in the early stages of the game, until I realized that large amounts of money or having to dedicate 8+ hours a day were the only ways to stay there. During the most recent tournament I hung around the 4800-5100 trophies count using a team averaging 3-4 levels below those that I was most often paired against. I have had moderate success in the upper arena using teams of rare and common dinos few would even think to try using with levels of 15-17.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has encountered swings where it seems like you can’t buy a dodge or miss every attempt at getting a hit on your opponent. But I have been starting to count certain events trying to figure if it’s just me or the RNG really is broken.

I feel like 50/50 attacks seem like they have been predetermined at the begining of the match. It does seem like I win or lose roughly the same number of battles when cloak and evasion is the determining factor, but I’m noticing a pattern. Rarely do these matches come down to one attack but plague the entire battle. Most matches where one of the four dinos that rely heavily on either cloak or evasive stance (indoraptor, monomimus, indominus rex and erlidominus) seam to either dodge and hit or miss and get hit. It’s as if one team is picked to succeed and one doomed to fail before the match even starts.

Now as frustrating as the 50/50 moves can be when causing long streaks where nothing works followed by streaks where I couldn’t lose if I tried, my true irritation comes from the RNG moves that favor success. In the last 3 days of battling, I have been messing with a team the cause bleed damage and stuns. I have used 17 attacks with a 75% chance of success and have actually succeeded only 4 times (not including attacks against immune creatures). So an effect that should be successful 75% of the time has been working less than 25%.

I am also using 2 dinos with swap-in stun abilities that carry a 66% chance of success. Actual results have 2 successful stuns in 12 attempts. That is less than 17%!!! My Spinotachus, when using its critical impact move (totaling a 60% chance between its base stat and the 40% boost) hits closer to a 45% success rate.

I started playing the game with in a week of becoming available in the US. I was hooked on it and spent a good deal of money in the very early stages. I continued making purchases for the first couple months. But since the 1.4 update the above problems has become more and more prevalent. I have sent emails to support and posted requests to address this with no response or action from ludia to address the problem. I have begun requesting refunds, which THOSE get responses pretty quickly telling me that purchases wouldn’t be refunded and they are sorry for my troubles.

I’m getting truly angry at the decline of the game I paid to advance and enjoy. If anyone else is tired of the frustration the RNG is causing please join me by emailing Ludia at and let them know we want a game that’s works how it is supposed to. If they are going to take our money, they should address the prolems with they’re product.


I’ve done some actual testing for this game and by and large I’m not overall disappointed with the RNG’s outcomes.

The consistency? Yeah, it seems skewed towards streaks. But in a large sample pool it still works out… all except for the 5% crit.

I have no idea what the algorithm they use is smoking, but the 5% crit chance of most dinosaurs’ attacks is WAY above a 5% outcome, streak or no streak (and having a streak at 50% and 5% should be worlds apart). An Indominus dodging 5 attacks in a row, while unlucky, is well within the coin-flip of reality, but a superiority strike critting 5 times in a row at 5% is what I’d consider rigged in any other circumstance.

So even as a proponent of RNG in general, I’d be open to investigating a better, different way to implement the RNG in the game.


Na, it just depends which way the RNG is blowing at the time, if you’ve got a spate of bad RNG best to turn it off go away and do something else for a bit and come back and pray you’ll be blessed by RNGesus. :raised_hands::pray::palms_up_together:


Just withnessed RNG nonsense. My Indoraptor dodged 8 times in a row in two fights (4 times in each). Next fight opponent Indo dodged 4 times in a row.
In previous days my Indo couldn’t dodge anything.


Happened to me earlier today. Indoraptor (lvl 28) dodged my attacks 5 times beating 3 of my dinos…oh yeah and get this, he got crits on all his moves haha.
All good I’ll get those points back. Sometimes RNG is too much.


My lvl22 tragod did not stun with its 75% stun attack Twice in a row.
Needless to say, I was “stunned” by this lol


I seem to notice a trend that my Stegodeus get’s stunned nearly 100% of the time regardless of the chance of stun by my opponents, especially compared to other dinos that I have and that I’m more likely to stun Stegodeus than other dinos. Has anyone else noticed this trend?


Not tat I have noticed, perhaps is because my Stegod can take the stun anyway, with its big health lol.


I usually don’t have a problem with RNG. I have played dice games all my life and Absolutely love math and statistics. The problem I have with the RNG system is the “streaking” that occurs. It happens all the time. It goes in a pattern which RNG isn’t supposed to do. I actually don’t know when a losing streak will start but once it does all the “bad” outcomes happen at one. I miss 75% stuns I miss all my dodges I don’t crit on a 60% crit. All of it happens in the same matches for some predetermined amount. I have written to Ludia multiple times on this but they insist that a 1/8000 chance of being crit on three times in a row by a stegodeus is normal. (It happened three matches in a row). So I know the odds go way up. Either their algorithm doesn’t work or I have won the crapshoot lottery. End rant.


Yep, my Utasino stuns less than half the times I use Instant Charge.

And the game would be much, much better without Evasive Stance.


I hate rng.
It’s the game.
That’s the main reason I’m torn about playing this game any longer.
The only thing keeping this thing alive is the dinosaur aspect of the game.


You will always be disappointed if you don’t understand how basic probability works. It isn’t 75% of all usage overall being successfull. It’s 75% each instance of using it.

For example, if you flip a coin you have a 50% chance of it being heads or tails. But you could have a situation where you get heads like 10x in a row. Does that mean it wasn’t 50/50? No. It’s 50% each time no matter what.

I’m sorry you’re disappointed.