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Is anyone else tired of the rat infestation that has occurred

Since 1.10 I feel like I can’t have a normal battle with out just facing an opponent who swaps in to win just cause they can. Whether that be the main rat or it’s bigger cousins I have no idea who at ludia decided that you should be able to swap in and hit someone before they can hit you and sure if you have shield you can counter them or if you have armor( and even that depends since ceritopians bypass that) but I feel like that sort of move should be dead. And sure like counter attacks have the same affect when swapped in but the difference is they HAVE TO GET HIT FIRST and then they attack so you have to plan and see if you’ll survive what ever there next move is or if your attack is strong enough to kill them, you something that requires thinking and planning. But ya here some photos of me getting my butt handed to me by rats and there cousins

I’ve could have posted soooooo much more but I’ve deleted a bunch but still


No, nobody is sick and tired of Dracoceratops running around. Why in the world would you think otherwise?


Best Dino in the game, hands down


Hmmm I wonder why: imagines millions of player nearly winning match then…:rat:


The rat and the ceratopsians can be a pain and I get it, I know it’s painful, personally I would use things like gigaspikasaur to pin the rat and ceratopsians, the best dealer againts these is pterovexus due to the fact that it’s immune to the stun abilities, it’s quick use pinning strike, the ability to nullify dig in and ferocity of ceratopsians and distract them. Don’t like pterovexus? Try procerathomimus, this fast green chicken can distract and nullify, if your lucky you can go for instant distraction and then distracting rampage and kill that rat. Or magnapyritor can be decent againts the pesky ceratopsians.


Ya those are all great if only…

A) have enough dna to make those low level dinos with pinning moves relevant in aviary

B) had the Dna to make hybrids that are good against ceratopsians and rats but the game said suck it you won’t have any dinos spawn in your area

And C) I refuse to use the chicken the same way I don’t use draco or indo gen2 I know a nerf is coming and the fact they give you such large advantage of other players is just dirty :weary:


But still thxs for the suggestions

This last on really ticked me off cause it was my only defense against this

This update made me hate ceratopsians. Before I only used to hate Einiasuchus and the Rat.


Same bro same

It’s worse on monostego since then it somehow goes faster than an indo!

Yeah I have noticed that. However it will never be faster than my Thor

Plus it’s not like hadrosaurs which have a draw back to swapping if you don’t stun your screw meanwhile ceritopians have no draw back to swapping

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Omgsh how fast is that :joy:

Its speed is 135 :joy:

:skull:(10 characters)


But still seriously I wanna know who on the development or social teams thought this was a good idea

The rat is their cash cow. They will never abandon it


Preach fellow gamer

What infestation? Since when is a 50 foot sauropod a rat? Oh wait you mean that weird thing that is 1 shot by 2 Erlis and pretty is dead once it is swap in.

Ardentistmaxima is much worse. DioRaja does almost the same job. Quetza is annoying too.