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Is anyone else unable to access their game?

Since yesterday afternoon I haven’t been able to log into my game for more than a minute without a server connection issue. After grinding battles in the tournament for a good long while, I can’t even collect my reward. Right now I can’t even open the game at all.

I’m missing out on strike towers and the daily mission reward, not to mention the beginning of the Mammoth week. Man, this is frustrating.

I’ve already contacted support, but there’s been no response yet, and I doubt there will be for a while, since they haven’t gotten in touch with me regarding a previous issue. I’ve tried logging in on different devices, but it’s the same story. I’ve tried forgetting Wi-Fi and rejoining, but that hasn’t worked either.

Is there anything else I can do to fix it?

Oh wow sorry to hear that… my game has been glitchy but I have been able to get in…

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Well, it just started working now :man_facepalming:.
This is always what happens. The game locks me out for a while, I contact support, and then the issue disappears before they get in touch with me.

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Well, what do you know. The issue is back, and I can no longer log into my game.
During the Mammoth week no less. This is extremely frustrating.

Wait what???

Unfortunate timing lol

Oh wow… this is getting ridiculous now😡

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I still can’t access my game. There’s an Epic Strike on the map and Mammoth hunting that I’m missing already. Can’t there be some sort of compensation for this sort of nonsense? When there’s maintenance with notice for a few hours you get a couple hundred HC, but when you’re locked out of your game for over 24 hours, nothing.

Any idea how long it’ll take support to get back to me?

Well, here’s an update. I’ve got the game working on Mobile data, but it still doesn’t work on Wi-Fi, even though I’ve tried forgetting and rejoining multiple times.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? The WiFi is working perfectly with everything else.

This has happened to me too. WiFi does not work with JWA sometimes. But mobile data does. So weird. Has happened to me at least twice in the last month or so.

If it happens, then what I do is play using mobile data for a while. Then shut down the game. Switch on wifi. And start up the game. Seems to work after that.

But seriously JWA is the most problematic app on my phone. It’s the one that always has trouble getting connected when other apps do not. The purple circle is so frequently visible, then the “you are not connected to the chat server”.

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I just tried that, and it seems to have worked for now.
Odd how something so simple would work when reconnecting, forgetting and rejoining and all sorts of shenanigans didn’t.

I appreciate the tip, thanks :blush:

Glad it is working for you. :grin:

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…aaaand it’s gone back to not working at all. :upside_down_face:

Hi @Qaw, I’m sorry to hear about this recurring problem! I see that you have performed several basic troubleshooting steps and already reached out to our support team. Once they get the chance to see your message, they will respond as soon as possible so keep an eye out!

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