Is anyone else's app shutting down as soon as they get into a PvP match?

It takes forever to get back into the game. Meanwhile, the opposing team is destroying you. I can’t gain any ground because of this.

On a semi-related note, no game whose play model is supported by microtransactions that is this unreliable should prevent users from swearing on it’s forums.


It happened to me in the first 5 matches, but it stopped now.

With me it’s the same error, 2/3 of the times. This os tormenting me.

Yes I usually close the game when it says opponent found and restart to get put in the battle a turn or two late… it sucks

I have this same problem, I also have an issue that once I’m in the game starts acting like I have no connection, which is BS, all my other games Ludia’s JW Alive game even stays connected. This game just Refuses to keep up, constantly making me loose turns in pvp, it honestly feels those that have paid money get a better game to play then those that haven’t, or won’t pay until things are fixed.

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