Is anyone gonna feel more inclined to use Ardentismaxima

Well, since we know that Max is High Apex and possibly not as bad as everyone thought it would be, is anyone going to unlock it and put it on there team? I can tell you for a fact that I’m putting it on my team when I unlock it. The only thing is was thinking about was that it looses to most Tyrants, but still, nothing a good set of boosts cant fix. Anyone else planning to do something like this?


I’m not even close to unlocking her, @Tuophysis. :sweat:

I would definitely want to see more sauropods in the arena, however.


Who needs max when there’s apatosaurus ?


It would be too cruel for anyone who has to face up against Apatosaurus. :sweat:


I’ve got enough DNA to level Ardonto to 20 but not enough coins. Brachy only 18 though. Also my sanctuary resources are going into Grypo. It’s probably gonna take me a long long time

I’d happily use it if I could get some more levels on it. Mines at 22 and team level is 27-28. Only thing which puts me off is the move set being the same as it predecessor, would be nice for a unique to get a unique move set.

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It’s actually a bit different. Ardonto has Definite Strike, Deaccel Impact, shattering rampage, Instant Invisibility and Max has slow strike, Deaccel Impact, Definite rampage instant Invisibility


Mines both around lv 17. :tired_face: I really should have darted those Brachiosaurus DNA.

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Oh yes, I forgot the move I wouldn’t use :wink: it doesn’t need more decel does it?

I’ve been having serious problems with Secondonto DNA hoping for an immune event soon

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I’ve always ignored her DNA because she was not my favourite tbh.

As a general rule, dart EVERYTHING!


Mine is level 21 which fits at team strength.

It really needs some armor, even with all the crunchers. It just does not hold up well in the current meta.

I would love to see pinning strike instead of Decelerating strike. I would level it up and replace Apato as my Rat Trap. Well, maybe not actually replace Apato, but would put the pair on the crew. Ardenti would be able to get a second hit in due to the immunity. Instant stun would not affect it. With a little armor it would not be a quick calculation to see if they could take it out with a rampage, it would always be a gamble for them.

And a counter attack. All these big brutes need a counter to be really effective.

Other than that it does alright but not a current or permanent crew member. I will swap it in now and again for a few battles then take it right back off.

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I’ve enforced that rule upon me now

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I used Ardonto in one of the tournaments and I was pretty impressed. I’ve wanted to use Ardentis before I even knew where it ranked, but as always, it’s a case of finding the DNA needed to unlock it.

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I’ve been using it since the first day of 1.8 and itvs doing good for me (actually lvl 24). But it reaaaally needs some armor


I’ll replace my Ankylocodon with it as an anti-bleeder, possibly anti-cloaker/dodger.

Nice to know that quote a few people want to use it. I think it would be even greater if it had 10% armour and 30% crti chance

I’d love to use it. Could get it at or near team level but it just doesn’t stand up to most other threats. The high HP just isn’t enough when it’s other stats are lacking so much.


I’m almost ready to give it a shot, but since I’ve quit spending real money boosts are at a premium. Not sure how many I want to further invest in this guy - and to be even remotely effective it needs them.

I have an open spot on my team, since Indoraptor has fallen from grace. I can’t decide if I want Ardent, Grypolyth, Tuora, or Tenonto. I’m leveling all of them up when I can, and Ardent is closest to team level. Holding off on boosts until I make a real decision.