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Is anyone happy with 1.7?

I know I’m not , just wondered if anyone thought 1.7 has made the game any better .

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My Tragodistis seems happy with his extra head but besides that, no.


I’m enjoying it so far but then I’m not experiencing the troubles that others have reported.


I would like 1.6 back. :wink:


I would like 1.4 back…Since 1.5 the Game is getting more and more bad


Still cant log in

I like stat boosts but I can’t enjoy them at the battles, cause matchmaking and trophie system are broken.

And I hate new drone control.


I really like Bendy (Purutaurus), and most of the new stuff I don’t have a problem with. Could do without 9/10 arena battles getting timed out, but that’s about it.

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I’m not happy, either. Issues with battles are a big problem. I’ve spent 10 minutes sometimes just trying to find battles. If it’s so hard for them to find equal matches for us, they need to bring back bots. For everyone, not just people over a certain trophy count.

Also, why ruin darting? It was fine before as long as you knew how to aim.

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I’m so happy. The drone is working perfectly for me, the amount of time outs have reduced significantly and the Hybrids are great. The new match making is extremely useful and I am not going against crazy high Dino’s. For me, everything is amazing

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New tournament system looks interesting. New moves sound cool, but I won’t get any creatures up to team level any time soon to try them out. Can’t battle, so that’s a downer. Darting on iPhone 6 is terrible. Overall, no I’m not happy with the update so far.


My favorite part yesterday was finally getting the game and boosting my dinos… to find out I timed out of all my arena battles… and when I did get in I played against over leveled teams… so yay for my boosted team I can’t use.

Oh then I wanted to Dart some dinos… so I popped a scent. Guess what?? 2 small common scents and a large common scent and they were all Einos with one Stigy G2, and one Nundasuchus… thanks guys. (BTW the scents were at night… no velo or tarbo???)

If you are serious, congratulations and I am happy for you. If you are being sarcastic (which I believe is the case) , it doesn’t read well, and could be misinterpreted as sincere.

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They still haven’t fixed the chat and introduced more bugs, so even a flying aquatic dragon cannot make up for the lack of bugfixing there.
I don’t dislike stat boosts per se, except for the speed one. The whole idea of a fixed speed per dino so it has other skills to compensate for that is completely gone now.
Of course the new darting system is horrendous. You can never be quick enough to dart a quick running and turning dino, no matter what you do. Not everyone has a huge screen and this is something nobody asked for, nor was it necessary to put precious time in changing it. Fix.The.Chat.!


No I’m not being sarcastic at all. I got my highest score with the new drone

For the first time I have been able to stay in Lockwood Estate and the new hybrids are great. But I am really sorry for the players who are having problems. Ludia needs to sort them out

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I wonder why it’s only you that doesn’t seem to be experiencing any problems ?


Try a T-Rex… Apato is still easy, sure, but who needs easy to dart commons?

As I tried to do 12 battles today and 11 worked. Also, everytime I lose, I’m not losing an extortionate amount of trophies. Sure sometimes I only gain 1, but there have been many times where I lost 1. I use a Moto g7 power of that helps

Found one today and got 150

Have got better though. This is why I’m so confused. I really can’t say that ai have experienced a glitch yet