Is anyone keeping a 24h incubator in slot right now?

I maybe having another one soon, but never have I thought about this, that does the content vary much from one to another?

I have one at the moment. I would assume it can be any of the dinos you can get through battle incubators, but in the amount stated.

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No it can be any Dino, for example in my last one I got concavenator dna despite him not being a reward for any arena level


Thanks guys! Yeah that reminds me once that I got ourano, dna of which doesn’t originate from nowhere. But still missed the chance solving my own question.:joy:Was so close to drop arena way down for ankylosaurus. Ludia felt me, they just sent one anklyo on my way during commuting and I managed to dart off 260+ from it. Never thought I’d say so but thank you too Ludia! :kissing_heart:

Just opened mine now and the only 3 worth the mention was a bunch of Megalosaurus to lvl to 15 and start working on the legendary, and epic Monolophosaurus and Ankylosaurus for their respective hybrids :+1:t5:

I’ve got one cooking now that took forever to get. Whoever said there’s a pattern to how 24hrs come wasn’t 100% correct. There may be a pattern, but I had to cycle through 2 12hrs before another 24hr came up. Something like 60 wins. Just happy to have one now though.

Make sure you are sure you wanna go with Megalosuchus that little blue Gorgosuchus is a dynamite and it’s not practical having both. Lots of the top teams have mega but I’m not sure I’m happy with my decision to go down that route.

To be honest, im benching both. Just getting mega for the “gotta catch em all”

Theres a spot where it goes 12 hr and then it basically skips giving you a 12/24 and just gives an 8 and then its back to the beginning with another 12.

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Yes, this sounds like what happened to me. It was terrible because the 8hrs just kept coming with no end in sight, then when they did it was a 12hr instead of the 24 I was hoping for. Was ready to call bs on this but I’ll keep tracking to see how it goes. Thanks, man.

I chance every 25 incubators off top of my head it’s either a 12hr or a 24hr for the 25th incub
One common three rare and the epic 5 times in a row the 5th epic is either 12hr or 24, 920 hard cash for a full cycle maybe

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