Is anyone really buying the $50 incubators


Just curious if anyone is actually buying these overpriced incubators? The microtransactions in this game make no sense. I usually grab the one time offers for $1.99 or $4.99. Got an offer today that was over 1000 dino bucks, which they offered to sell me for $20. Even though I’m VIP which is useless at this point.

I love the franchise and this game so far, it’s just a shame it’s made by the same company that would look you straight in the face and ask for $80 for a digital booster (Jurassic world the game). I think Ludia would make more money if they made cheaper incubators available instead of ridiculously asking for $50 for what is basically a booster pack. It makes no sense to not have affordable microtransactions, unless the plan is to cash in up front on this game and then abandon it after the movie hype settles.


I think you are spot on, if the prices were reasonable then they would have a sustainable revenue but as it stands at the moment the majority of us pulled our financial support when the in game extra’s were costing £50. I was happy to buy packs and incubators and one time deals until it was £50 a time, in yhe last week I have been offered 3 x £50 and 1 × £40 deal and have not taken any of them. It’s not that I dont want the cool pink incubator, or the trex one but I am not paying the price of an xbox one entire game for a mobile game extra item, its just not right to me!


Especially when you can get Jurassic World Evolution on pc and console right now for the price of one dumb incubator in this game. :slight_smile: