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Is app down?

I have problems connecting to the app server, anyone have the same problem?

Me too. I keep getting error, try again. There was maintenance today, wondering if it had anything to do with that

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Hey everyone, our team is investigating the issue! :mag:


Yes I’m to so is other have network issues since after the maintenance I done everything they ask for as well it did work but when I tried to get back to it again went to network again

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Yes,I’m having the same issue

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Hi just wondering if ap still down still says that it’s says that network eara tried to get on

Hey everyone - a fix was rolled out yesterday evening that should address a lot of the network issues that players were experiencing earlier. Our team is still investigating some other things, however, so if you are still getting an error message then we ask that you contact our support team at so that we can investigate your account.

As always, be sure to include your support key in the message so that the team can locate you faster in their system!

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