Is arctovasilas tyrant?

I’m using arctovasilas right now and I worked hard for it :see_no_evil:. Love to use it butt my experience using it in this meta is that is struggling. Against bleeders like sr3 , ref , hydra boa etc. Also against fierce like mort it doenst has mutch chance. Against a skoona it’s 50/50 depending how skoona its using its shield to dodge the devastation move . So maby a Lux and sometimes a phoru or a ankylo Lux ar nice to matched up against butt that is it most of the time. My opinion is that it’s so hard to make and level up that it should struggle in the upper arenas like it does now. Even more fierce creatures ar coming now so it’s struggling even harder in the near future I’m afraid . Wats your opinion on arctovasilas guys ?

High tyrant
Definitely one of the best creatures in the game with Anky Lux Ref HBoa and Imperatosuchus
Anti tank tank
Great against skoona Testa and anky Lux, in general any resilient
Weak to fierce scorp Hboa
The best boost spread for a level 30 is 8/13/9


It surely is. Some (myself included) consider it the best creature, or an easy contestant for that title.


It’s great for surviving against Cunning-Fierce such as a Phorurex. It can also save you from a SRG3 Ambush if you use it correctly.

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Your build seems really nice for it, Definitely a Tyrant.

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Yes. The meta has taken a turn against it but it remains a top 5 creature for sure.

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Definitely a top 5 creature

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Too much speed, needs more hp or attack. 120-130 is better as what’s the point of trying to out speed cunnings?

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More like speed out the deer and mort

Even tyrants should be beaten by their direct counters. It’s fine. Better than fine, really.

Other bears are the main reason, and the speed puts you ahead of Skoona after a double slowdown if you hit Skoona with AAB. 137 speed also puts you faster than any Mortem if someone tries to swap in on you, which is great as a deterrent since a sped-up Vasilas will put a huge dent in Mortem and leave it ripe for a swap-in kill or RK. I believe it also generally benefits Vasilas to stay faster than IndoT, which usually is around 126 or 128. In general, there are a good number of benefits to putting speed on Vasilas beyond just Cunnings.

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