Is Arena dropping permitted? And how to go about this


I’d like to drop down to a lower arena for Rajasaur incubators. I’ve only seen it wild once, and it’s literally the only dino I don’t have unlocked (hybrids don’t count!).

So, is this allowed? Or bannable. Because I can see only two methods to drop. Lose on purpose by continually switching, or start battles and DC. Which would be better.


Reset your lineup with lower level dinos. That’s usually a good way to drop fast.


Rajasaurus will be in the event this weekend so it’s pointless.


Just don’t do it! Cause this weekend Rajasauro is one of the featured dinos event! :star_struck:
I was thinking about dropping down for the same reason (my rajanchilosauro is 170/200) but somebody heard me and I will unlock another legendary next week!

But, if you still need to drop, here are the answers:
Yes, it is permitted, and I suggest you to keep switching dinos if you don’t want to modify your team, or better put in your team 8 underlevelled dinos and keep using their basic attack so you don’t have to waste time to see the animations.


The best way is to start battles and DC, this way you can play something else until you lower your trophies