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Is arena dropping the new norm?

There are 2 arenas above Lockwood Library. There is generally a large creature differential between arenas. I’ve been in Library for months with an average L26 team moderately boosted.

I’m now in upper Aviary and seeing L29/L30 boosted teams. It’s NOT because of seasonal reset as that was nearly a month ago.

I refuse to simply drop so I can win against lesser teams. What used to be a mild amplitude short duration win/lose wave has become a large amplitude medium duration win/lose wave.

I’m not so sure it’s a matter of arena droppers, I think more so a change to matchmaking.

Whatever the cause it is making the game no longer fun and enjoyable.

What do you think is the cause of this fairly recent development, or do you not see aproblem?

Please, discuss ways Ludia could make change to better the situation, and what you believe to be the root cause of my observations!


Been facing that too. Lvl 29/30s boosted agains my lvl 18-22 team. Most of times they sweep me. Though I do find joy in crushing them, especially when I draw my worst dinos and still beat them. I gave up tryin to complain about this, since Ludia hasnt been listening since a long time ago


I kinda feel like it’s intentional to elicit this response:

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I drop to Gyro because of the 2 minute timer at the Beach, never lower.


Shortening that terrible 2 minutes wait would surely reduce the problem. If there’s no match, give us AI instead.


I never think if my opponents are arena droppers anymore, it just feels normal at this point to have my level 24 creatures face off against level 30 creatures in Aviary.


If I had to choose, that would be an easy choice. I don’t spend money on this game, let alone boosts, so I’d be quitting. lol

Is arena dropping still a thing? I have been stuck in library for months. I entered library with average lvl of 24-25 and I am now average around 28-29, but so as everybody else (not everyone maybe, but probably about 80% of other players I encountered). We all progressed at about the same pace and only the most skillful players or those with maximum boosts can progress further. Everyone else just got stuck here (and sometimes got beaten down to Aviary for a while, happened to me twice, hence you see lvl 30 dinos in Aviary). This is just the new normal.

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I can explain my specific case. My team consists of 8 uniques, all 30, of which 7 are boosted to a greater or lesser extent. Under normal conditions at the end of the month I am usually above 6000 points, approaching 6200 and I am usually Top500.

This month I have not managed to reach 6000 and my maximum is 5970, the place I reached last Sunday. During the week I have fallen to 5750, a very low place, largely due to facing battle after battle against an overpowered IndoG2. Today I moved between 5720 and 5860 and it was a very strange day. I have had many battles that I have lost when I have faced an almighty IndoG2 or, on some occasion, some Megathor that has found me with a team not prepared for it and on other occasions I have found very weak rivals whom I have come to win 3-0. Neither one nor the other have I felt especially well.

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Just the result yet again of Ludia’s terrible matchmaking. I mean my creatures avg lvl is probably 19-21, yet I get matched half the times with lvl 26-30 creatures. Pisses me off sometimes, but sometimes just to show their no skill of spamming boosted thors, I spam the Yawn Emoji. To emphasize that spending money on a game is not skill.

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I don’t know about new norm, but it’s the norm for this season.
If you don’t need Blue there’s no point in going over 5900ish till Friday.
Hit Nublar real quick, grab the weekend tourney bonus, and drop back down to 5900.
If the next seasonal has worthwhile rewards the 5900 line wont be so packed like it is this season.
It’s not so much that people are really dropping, but they are maintaining the Gyro/Nublar line. It’s like a month long reset.
There’s no way to fix this as long as there is a 2 min timer with no real rewards.

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Arena dropping is very much a thing but only half of it.

People will drop arenas in preparation for Monday so they can farm incubators to finish alliance tasks quickly and round out the battle requirements by doing a few spam runs in the campaign.

The other half lies in players essentially being children who have things go in one ear and out the other. They run around in groups, social support is the same as any form of grade school bully situation but magically it’s different if done to a company, complaining about match making. Quite a while ago Ludia gave a number of trophies where after that there will be -No Consideration for Team Strength- and it was no where near the Shores.

This is what I did for the first 2 weeks of this season. As said before, Blue isnt motivating so I decided to do a massive drop to see how bad Library was for myself. Switched on my tournament team and just fought. If I saw a Thora and had my IndoR G2, I would beat it. If not I would not pull my IndoR G2. Won a few matches on the way down.

Switched back to my 2nd team. Half boosted uniques I am working on, my sanc builders and my dropped uniques. Met other droppers which I beat maybe 50% of the time. Slowly go back to Gyro Depot. Once near the border of Nublar switch to my actual team.

Its more fun than waiting 1 min plus to play 3 mins get beaten and repeat. Drop to Gyro and then fight AI. My record is 1 hour for 1 incubator. Wasnt like I suck. I just didnt have good luck with timer or battles. Losing long drawn out battles due to RNG. Wasnt even 10 battles.

This season is a combo of not so good reward, player fatigue with Nublar and the usual yoyoes. If next season is Mammoth, expect battles tp be fiercer but less droppers.

The worst is when you’re on one of those bad RNG/loss streaks, and the timer at Shores says 5 seconds left til the bot… and you get an opponent.


So I made it to Avairy for the first time with my level 20-21 unboosted teams for the extra Blue I really don’t need. Now do I just sit here over the weekend and see what next months reward is before I start playing fun teams again and drop back a bit? This way I start out with the highest reward I would get for the next month.

I’m only 408 trophy’s below my main account with creatures 5 to 6 levels on average lower. That last win to get into Avairy was a bear. I have to be hitting a wall now so might as well drop back. These Woolly hybrids are quite good.

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Oh that sucks beyond all possible feelings.

Yes so much this!!! When that timer drops to 0s, an ai battle should start automatically. No more “Match Timed Out” messages.

Oh and about dropping… yeah I hang around 4499 for the free bot battles. Even though my team is totally unfair for human opponents. I usually put together an all snake team to have fun instead of steamrolling low players. I’m not a total tool :smirk: