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Is Bajatondon really better Edmontoguandon

I was just in two battles one between me and Baja and another between my unboosted Eddie and erlidom.

The first battle was between my trko and and Baja it was really a no brainier who would win. I think even the opponents knew cause as soon as he realized it was gonna die he swapped out to a Thor. Now sure it was unfair but if you do the same battle against Eddie at least you have a more likely chance to cleanse stun and run or even stay and fight.

Then later I decided to bench my dilo for Eddie to see he would play out and I got in this situation

And won and then I realized Baja really kinda sucks until you can get that two turn delay off devastation it pretty much is lunch for almost anything( although raptors usually die in the second SV) mean while Eddie can null and slow first turn the stun and go for slow, null again and or run and I’m just asking my self now should I just lvl up Eddie or go for Baja anyway wanted to hear some opinion before I make my decision to start fusing.

  • Yes go for it, it’s much better
  • No, don’t it sucks
  • Just ur choice bro

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They really do fill different rolls, so it doesn’t surprise me that Eddie will do better against some while Baja does better against others.

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I mean I’m trying think what Baja does better than Eddie and the only thing I can think of is against we’ll bleeder since it immune cause other than that Eddie just better against everything chompers, tanks, speedster and like mixes but it loses to Baja against bleeder

I can’t say for sure since I don’t have Baja unlocked, but I’m sure it does things that Eddie can’t. Guess I’ll see when I unlock it.

I mean thing is it only has two damage move and one has a turn delay even with SV it just can’t do much even it’s swap in sucks like heal really, HEAL?! But I guess I mean I’m just low on Baja dna but I can get technical but I’m just wondering if I should

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If it really does suck compared to Eddie, then I’ll know when I get it. That’s why I usually don’t throw around my opinion on nerf or buff threads if I haven’t personally used them.

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Actually is in the campaign now that I wonder

Although bajatonodon does loose to it’s component, bajatonodon can be really powerful when set up, so don’t underestimate this legendary, infact, some people may use bajatonodon in this week’s tourney.

Hmm that’s true actually maybe I should wait and see how it does like in the sims and the tournament it’s self. Thanks almost forgot about that

Also it’s basically megalsuchucs vs gorgosuchus all over again. Or utharenex vs utahsinoraptor

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I’ve played around with mine. It’s definitely better than edmontog.

Really? Is it the attack or like the regen

It’s attack isn’t that big, when you account for vuln and the ability to live long enough to fire off your SV + 3x combo it’s a lot. To mention it’s very hard to kill with it being able to insta shield, heal and swap, and then swap back in to heal all the way up to full. In a meta with a good amount of immunes, no stun is kind of negligible.

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Lol true but it’s also not ten diverse considering this immunes like take indo,indom, erlidom, phorasuara, Orion, and then sometimes something can just stop it’s damage or turn before it can hit tryko, dioraj, Thor, tenato. But ya I see what you mean it just that getting there to be able to use devastation is just like nerve racking

Like I think once the delay is gone it a force to be messed with as long as you don’t have shield, distraction, invincibility, stun, dodge, or armor but ya I think it’s good I’m just wonder which would be better in the long run being able to adapt

Bajanotodon is one of th most busted legendaries. It is definitely getting into high apex, and might even get into tyrant!

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Woah there I don’t think it’s that good it’s good but like not great

Like maybe mid or low apex since it can’t get rid of shield and can be stun and slowed but ya think mid to low apex is about right

I feel like baja would be way better If It had GSR like eddie instead of devastation.

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After a few fights, my lvl 24 baja holds as much as my 29 lvl edmondo.So at least for me does some better.

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