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Is Bary more common in any zone?


I’m in zone 1 and haven’t seen him for some time. Global anytime could be anywhere, but wonder if he prefers one zone over another. Thanks!


I am zone 2 and see him more times then anything else


I see him all over, but I actually got him from a common scent last night in L3. Even though it’s any time I do see it at night more often (which was it’s old spawn).


i see the most in zone 2 and 4. then again i live in zone 4 and spend more time in zone 2.


I did see one at work a week or so ago in zone 2. Maybe I will try 3 first, maybe will get erliko (wishful thinking) and then 2 if not. 10 points needed to level tryo has been bugging me for too long. Time to break out the big bucks lol. Thanks!


Of all the epics I see Bary the most often by far. Since the last 1.5 update he might as well be considered a rare. On the flip side, Sino has always been the unicorn of them all, regardless of updates.


I’ve gotten sino more often than others with scents, but today I got two kentros which was rare. Bary used to be as common as concavenator.