Is battling bots easier than real players?

Just curious because live people often pull their dinos before losing them to their opponent. From strike tower experience I don’t see that happening. Thoughts?

I’d say battling real people would be easier since they don’t zone out and glitch the battle if you use stun or long invincibility. :rofl:

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And a person knows you can’t stun but will be stunned…

Yes. Always. Also - this is why RNG is not the boogey man it gets painted to be and player skill level does indeed matter. But that’s a topic for a giant article i wrote that will come out soon. :slight_smile:


Yes. I wish I battled more bots in upper Arena 8… even if they field 5 dinos, they’re easier to beat than the experienced players you encounter there :smile:

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Depends on the levels. At same levels, yes. Before 1.3, marshes are full of bots with dinos above level 25, even a basic strike from these bots will hurt.

Friendly battles against bots would be fun and help better my strategies. L26 works ok, but none of my friends have the dinos I have.

Yes, I used to call it bot hell when I got matched with one after losing 2 in a row… and if course kept on losing against bots with much higher level dinos.

Now their level is more reasonable, but there’s a glitch where a bot may have 5 or more dinos :neutral_face:

I’m hoping that once I get through the low 4000’s where I’m at (if I don’t sink) that things will eventually not be so intense. I like, but don’t love battling like some players do only because of the diversity of the opponents. I would play against bots all day because I assume predictability is much higher.

I would think definitely easier. Just for the fact that bots would actually use the lowest level attacks.

If the bots are given the same level creatures as a real person, then the bots would be easier. But that’s only because Ludia has not programmed optimal responses from their bots.

I win at least 14 out of 15 bot battles. They don’t make smart choices and will waste good attacks to finish off a dino that has 100 health left. And will also swap randomly.

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No disrespect meant towards upper level players that struggle for a match with a live person, but playing bots has to help hold their rank.

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Absolutely. Just look at the trophy gap between the top 3 and the rest below.

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I prefer to play against bots. They don’t ted to use the best abilities and tactics when they should, and they don’t cowardly swap out dinosaurs.

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Cowardly swap dinos? So it’s “smarter” to lose?

Actually knowing when to swap - or not - is part of good strategy. Which is why humans are more challenging opponents.

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I agree to a point and maybe why I struggle at the trophy level I am at, some players seem to swap more often than makes sense.

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No, of course not. It just makes me swear when opponents do it. :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait to read it! We can just link it every time a new argument comes up about it. :joy:

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I am JUST now learning how to do this properly and it had really helped me improve! Watching vids of the upper arenas really helped me learn when and how to do it properly.