Is being V.I.P cheating?


If you think about it, being a V.I.P is just allowed cheating, except Ludia allows it because you have to pay for it. it’s a “performance enhancer” when it comes to game play, I gives you a better drone distance which may not seem like a lot but it makes a difference in the long acces to better resources that are more plentiful.I’m just thinking out loud to see if anyone agrees with me.


is it against TOS? no. so it’s not cheating.


Oh, sorry I’m just bored and was curious


But thats basically all it gives you. A greater battery and better distance. It doesnt give you better dinos or a better chance at getting better incubaters or even an advantage in battle. Just helps with getting DNA mostly.


I live in a 25K population suburb city with around a 25K city 4 miles south and 2, 25K cities 2 and 4 miles north. I have endless paved city streets and paved bike trails. I have a drop outside in front of my neighbors house. This puts me at a huge advantage over even someone out in the country who may have V.I.P. I counted 43 drops surrounding me on my map where I live. I do have V.I.P which gives me a higher cap on coins. I tend to max that cap most days. Where I work, There are 5 drops just around the outside of the building although too far to get them while I work but I can reach 3 and 4 spawns an hour in reach from my desk.

I have more advantage in this game than Pokemon as their spinner things are more sparse and a lot farther to get to.

This is free to play if you want but they made it so if you pay, you do get some advantages.

I tell my wife she is cheating because she has has bough game money for extra coins and incubators. Despite her paying real money for stuff, I’m still ahead of her with my team. I’m still even one legendary ahead of her with a higher level team. Minus the VIP which we both have, I’m still ahead because I spend 2-3 hours on my bike on weekends riding around hunting rares and epics with a phone charger to keep my poor phone alive. What a battery draining game…even worse that Pokemon.


Nah , because VIP’s official function. If that call cheating then ppl who can play longer or pay more than you is cheating too.Compare the other games VIP , it’s not big deal.


The definition of cheating is to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage. Therefore paying for something in a game is not considered cheating as there is no dishonesty and its not unfair either.

Those that pay in the game, whether it’s VIP or anything else are just getting an advantage on time etc as they get dna and dinos a bit quicker.

The actual unfair part is when it comes to battles, because of the fact you may have a free to play player that ends up fighting someone that pays for everything. Still not cheating, but that’s when it feels unfair, but those buying stuff is not unfair in itself.


If everyone got just VIP it would be more fair.

If no one paid the servers would be turned off and the staff sacked.

Maybe free to play are more like cheats as they need others to pay for the game to continue.


Actually VIP doesn’t even get a higher coin cap anymore. They made it the same as everyone else’s now.


Welcome to the future. Back in the days everybody paid the same for each game and there were secret cheat codes you could use if you wanted an unfair advantage, they didn’t work in multiplayer mode though since that would ruin the game for the opponent.

In todays games you pay nothing for the game itself and is at an unfair disadvantage until you pay for it. In some games you can choose to pay even more to get an unfair advantage, but now it works in multiplayer mode too…


Actually VIP gives you extra resources from supply drops and increase your limit. Think about it… If you use an app which gives you extra resources and you gain advantages on those who don’t use it is cheating. But if you give money to Ludia to do the same it’s not cheating.


That’s the worst definition of cheat i’ve ever heard.


5 people get a meal. One demands to be paid for. Sounds like cheating your share of the bill to me.

Once upon a time you paid for games. Then you paid a monthly subscription. Then people got a free month for new accounts to try the game. Then the trial players could keep playing but there was always a bit more if you paid.

Then the trial players got all I’m better than everyone else and tried to bully paying customers out of the game and calling them cheats.

I suggest JWA go VIP only. Subscription was better and fairer.


Again. Free to play players and VIP players have the same coin limit now…


With VIP the dino’s just moved out further past the mark, not much use. Maybe it needs to be extended more. Coin limits are cut off the same. Only advantage is more drone time. Really disappointing.


The concept of cheating is going outside of the established rules to gain an advantage.

The company creates the rules, so if they offer an in-game advantage by subscription that still abides by the rules… it isn’t cheating.

Are goalies cheaters because they can use their hands in Soccer (Football in some countries)? Nobody else can. No they are not, the rules of the game say that they can because they are goalies. The rules of the game say you can pay for VIP if you want to, it’s a choice, and the advantage is a bigger radar and more stuff from drops. A provision by the creators of the game who establish the rules.


Spot on , and I agree with you .
You don’t get anything in this world for nothing , so why should a game be totally free ?
To keep the game and Ludia active in the public media I guess , but even bloggers on you tube buy incubators which some may say is cheating too .
The way I see it is vip is like a monthly subscription to play , and incubators help when you hit a wall . The money generated gives Ludia the ability to employ staff to improve the game and create new games . All good .


You should think less :joy:


I try, damn my caffeine consumption