Is blue a male or a female?

kinda wanna know if its a girl or a boy cuz blue is an alpha and alpha’s can be male or female

male or female
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It’s been implied that Blue’s a female, specifically when Owen calls her ‘good girl’. In fact, all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park/World are females due to breeding issues


i think i need to rewatch the jurassic franchise

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The only one created male was the Indoraptor.


Me see this question
Me: confused screaming


i just forgot about it cuz youtube saying blue is male and that let me confused

every creature is female in jurassic world (except indoraptor). In Jurassic Park, most of them were female, but as it is implied in the movie, they can change gender (except Roberta)


“SHE’S the beta.”

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welp done with the first movie now 4 more :joy:

Blue is a female. @jens_vdp you clearly haven’t watched the movies.

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Oop, gotem

Blue is also a Mary sue who relies on plot armor to win a fight. Change my mind.


Objection your honour, didn’t blue save rexys life? And they also saved that girl from fallen kingdom who’s name I forgot. And they held well against both hybrids, but against humans, she kinda sucked

Thats where her original armor came from :joy:

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what main movie protagonist/ antagonist doesn’t have plot armor?

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Eddar Stark

Yes, Owen calls her “girl” and refers to her as “she” many times


This topic instantly caught my attention. You must not have seen the movies, because in both Owen was regularly praising her “good girl”.

umm i seen the movies but i forgot about it all so i rewatched it and i know it all again.

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