Is Blue Out There? Seeing Delta & Charlie


How will I know when to go nuts looking for her?

Like many others I didn’t know I had 3 tries.
Otherwise I would have put the damn soft taco down = (

I just want to be able to use the VR feature as well. SHES OUT THERE I CAN"T LEAVE HER IM NOT CHRIS PRATT.


Saturday and Sunday are Blue + Pyroraptor. :slight_smile:


You just gave me a reason to be excited. I work but will go nuts.

Thank you kindly.


You have 3 chance over the weekend and it should be around parks etc under the green shiny thing… Other then that it’s an incubator only exclusive.


This ( clever girl ) is mine gd luck in getting her today :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:I think it’s from 10am she will be about


So those 3 tries are separate from the 24 total for the other raptors?


Yes you only get 3 attempt at a epic, I was a lvl 1 when she 1st come on the seen hence why I missed her 1st time around. Gd luck in getting her today or tomorrow :+1:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


I need 73 DNA to complete Blue. Wish me luck.


Actually because its a mix of 2 epics you actually get 6 attempts. So it’s quite possible even a level one could create blue this weekend.


My advice. Get enough DNA to create blue then use every other attempt of your 6 on pyro


So is blue out today or tomorrow as I have not seen her up to yet and been round the park 2 times today :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


On my way home from work I went right instead of left to go to a park 10 mins down the road. Then I sat at the park for 15 minutes in heat. Here’s what I got and nothing ever showed up…? How long do you have to sit and wait lol! Ps I did not go to this stop today haven’t went to any parks today and I did get out and walk around too.


Haven’t seen Blue for a while since last time I got 3 shots. But now I barely saw it…


Blue is part of the Park event for tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday along with PyroRaptor.

It was not released in the wild unlike it’s sisters.


I will laugh so hard if you still can’t get Blue with this next three tries.


I was a lvl 1 then but I’m lvl9 now so if I miss her I’m blaming you :+1:t3::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: :crossed_fingers:t3:Gd luck to any one who don’t have her yet.


I went after a trex once and needed only 36 DNA to create it. I was nervous and ended up getting only 28 DNA. I was so pissed. But eventually got enough DNA from an encubator. Now, I find trex every where.


At lvl1 and running in to blue I was like a kid at Christmas on a sugar rush so I know how you felt :+1:t3::joy::joy::joy:


It will spawn on the special park Green Supply Drops. I don’t see any of those in your screen shot. There don’t appear to be any at that park. If it was there you’d see it immediately. Also Blue won’t be there til tomorrow and the next day.


I’m glad Pyro will be there I found him today(not at a park)! The second time I seen pyro in two months! I choked! Lol