Is bumpy worth?

Is bumpy worth for DBs? I am not talking about limited or night paddock which is beautiful, but I am talking about her stat and I think she cannot be fused, for now.
I dont have enough Dino to get in dom. I have to use DBs for cooldown.

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It’s all about your perspective to the game itself. This creature is a fan favorite implementation just to add a bit more spice by presenting it as a usable creature rather than a symbolic deco. If you are in a position where you need to give a lot of effort just to earn it, it could not be “that” worth it. But if you are determined to add a unique creature to the park, then you should go for it.

So it’s all up to you to decide, whether you want it mostly for the collective purposes or not. :point_up:t2:

A small hint: We do not know what will be the fate of her and her kinds yet, so there might be some bonus features regarding them some time in the future. Future plots of the new productions as Camp Cretaceous, Dominion and so on could add another roles onto them, as hybrids or like some special events in which we can only use their kinds.


Ok. Thanks a lot. Actually I want it to my collectiin, so, I ll try my best with a little bit of DBs.

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I assume you don’t have enough, not the ferocity. because its useless if you spend DBs on not Viable dinos… (Min 2 40 Legends) ( If you don’t have enough but meet the ferocity, go for it, if not, i suggest going on the double legends) (What lvl are u and ur lineup)

You’re welcome. :dizzy:


I used to play 4-5 years ago, and I just came back for 6 months.
Now, I am level 71-72
My lineup ferocity is vary.
Dino at ferocity ~ 4300 are about 10 (most are form Gold packs, 10k LPs.
Dino at ferocity ~ 4500-5000 are 6
That’s all I use for tournament.
The other I use for PvE, most are lv40 legendary which I can win normally because my top 3 dino’s ferocity is about 5000.

And Normally, I can play just twice a day or maybe third fight if vip creatures are completely cooldown.

ahh i see, with your limited creatures suggest going Fodder, Legendary 40, Legendary 40 lineup, when you come to your last few 5k ferocity dinos, use Fodder, 30 Legendary and that creature…

(If you want to win you need to know how to battle correctly, and need to be a pro about predicting a bot’s move)

Thats probably it…


Thank you.
So, as your opinions. I ll try my best to get her without DBs and keep practicing with bots as much as they give PvE to me.

If you are close and need to use Dinobucks to secure a Dominator finish, by all means spend the bucks. Provided you actually are close and the bucks can get you a win. But yeah, the goal needs to be securing Dominator without spending Dinobucks. Good luck


Thank you

Now I stay in dominator. I dont know how long I will stay or how it s gonna end.
So excited!!