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Is Calliope in your party?


Calliope has a potent mix of ranged abilities and healing skills. She’s a Bard not to be messed with.

Is Calliope in your party?


hell yes, she’s an awesome character! her epic lute is one of the best items in the game, dominate is game changer. she buffs, she heals, she debuffs, and she does ranged damage. I just picked up her legendary weapon which does tonnes of injury damage. I miss using the rare weapon that stuns though. just got her to level 11, can’t wait for some more legendaries to see what she can really do.


No, she is not in my party because I was unable to select her when she was first introduced to the game. If you could please resend the invite for her that would be great. My Support Key is NFRDEFGJ. I have all the other characters except her. they are all Level 8.


Yeah. Absolute staple to the party. She is always be part of my main crew.

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