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Is Carnotarkus viable anymore?

So i’ve had Carnotarkus on my team for ages now at lvl 24 and was boosted pre-2.0. Now I still have it on my team but unboosted.

It received a damage nerf
It no longer can go through cloak/dodge
It has boring SS
It has ZERO resistance.

The only thing I still like about it is that it kept its counter.

But is it even worth continuing to level and/or boost?

I would say it is still worth it especially for tourneys to

I don’t know If it’s viable, i think It may me usable, but not that relevant. I hope they buff It again. Those stat nerfs were totally uncalled for, especially after making wuerho exclusive.


I took my little cow from level 21 to level 23. In my opinion it’s still worth it, despite the nerf in his stats. It has greater speed control and its basic attack is precise.

Hmm I had not noticed this, I thought it was just basic SS.


Still seems to be doing ok. I tend to shield against Trykos I’m faster against, then distract them, then hopefully I got enough to rampage and kill on 3rd attack. I’m buffing its hp a lot.

Also, its SS can actually go through cloak/dodge.
It could use some resistance to something. But not to slowing, because going vs Tryko requires that you are slower than it on 2nd turn. Maybe bleed resistance or distraction resistance, or swap prevention resistance.

I’m holding out with old faithful Tarkus and seeing how it goes.

The arena is still a bit messed up so I’m unsure whether to boost yet. I will eventually level her to 30 no doubt but their are other commitments at the moment including building raid dinos

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