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Is darting bugging today?

Every time I’ve tried to dart today, I get 2 or 3 shots in, and the drone freezes, allowing the dino to run away.
Very frustrating as my Alliance needs to make direct hits to get to the next incubator.

Is this happening with anyone else?

My phone is Android/Samsung.

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Hi there DinoGuy. If restarting your device doesn’t work, would you mind emailing our team at for assistance? They will do their best to help!

I have a Samsung phone also and after a while, especially when switching back and forth on accounts, it starts to freeze like you say. When this happens, you need to kill and restart JWA. This stops the freezing while darting for me.

Some days when out doing the event dino’s, I’ll dart, switch accounts, dart. Then I go to the next one, dart, switch back and dart. I just keep repeating till I get all the allowed event dinos. Doing this a lot makes the darting start to freeze, so after a switch, I’ll kill and restart the game which fixes it.

Today I did the event dino’s different. I got all on one account first before switching accounts and getting all the 9 tries on the other. I was out on my trike riding around, about 10 miles.

It was like that for me yesterday but not today. Weird. :confused: :thinking: