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Is darting changing?

Is it just me or does the darting feel like it’s starting to creep back towards that horrible mechanic they tried to force on us a couple updates ago? Could they be very slowly making changes? It’s feeling a little slow, random, and the dart sometimes doesn’t seem to go where the crosshairs are at all.


i feel like something has changed over the last week or so but i figured it was me just shooting bad.


I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone but me but - it’s not as ‘floaty’ as the bad control (that they took away) was, but it doesn’t feel as responsive as it once was.


No change for me

So funny that you mention this. I wondered if they had gone back to the old mechanic too. Right, it is not as bad, but definitively ‘softer’ with aiming. My scores are not horrible, but not as good as two weeks ago. Figured my eye hand coordination was failing me.

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I have not noticed any deviations. To me the darting is smoother and more fluid.

It’s definitely changed this week. I noticed it I think on Tuesday, I was darting a Velociraptor and it was slow. But I think it’s changed again because every thing is harder than then.

Something seems to have changed but I can’t put my finger on what exactly.

You’re not the only one noticing this but I haven’t noticed anything.

There are laws against that, I think.


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Uh no! I thought for sure I said darting :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grimacing:

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For the record dating doesn’t mean there’s a wedding. I don’t know what I’d be messing up to say I’m engaged to velociraptor lol.

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Eww! No! But hey an imune raptor would sorta be cool😁


They definitely made some changes to it. It feels like they slowed it down and made harder to control. Sometimes I don’t get a direct hit score even when I hit the target. I used to get like 450 on Velo now I can’t get more than 340/360.


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I am having a slight bit of difficulty with drone acceleration keeping up with dinos when they go into sprint mode. I usually recenter my finger tip in the center of the screen after each dart for maximum acceleration, but lately I’m hitting the edge of the screen.
It’s only with really fast movers though.

I have not noticed anything despite darting about 30 or 40 dinos daily.

You really did that lol.

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