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Is Delta the next reward for daily missions?


I got it for a brief moment before it went back to TRex.

If you have a slow enough phone, you should be able to see it too once you swap quickly to DPG Daily Rewards page just after login.
How quick? Well, before in-game news pops up.


I’ve seen it a few times pop up. It’s not due to a slow phone, it’s due to the game being much slower in loading things since 1.6 released.

I personally hope it’s not Delta, no interest what so ever in those raptors.


More likely a placeholder. Like epic scent is the default one for other scent when it loads


Yeah I kept getting that glitch too. But it changes back to T-Rex every time


also when you dart epics, the DNA card (?) spins around and looks like it’s legendary DNA.
several bugs in 1.6 so far :man_shrugging:

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Well I hope it’s T. rex forever…


Useless named raptors… I wouldn’t even bother going out of my way to complete daily rewards for crappy delta. Anyone else think Owen’s raptors are way too prevailant for such bad dinos?


It’s very helpful for when you dont run into t rex very often. In the next future update, I hope they make it so that it’ll give you a different epic every day, one day its t rex and then kentrosaurus tomorrow and then brachiosaurus, just mix it up so it’s not the same thing forever


no Useless dns like brachio…


Would like to see some Koolasuchus too… @Hersh is a big fan, he wouldn’t want to miss out…