Is diloracheirus tyrant?

Am planning to lvl up dilo to 30. Seen on YouTube people just boosting HP and attack . Wonder how, 15 on hp 15 on Attack ? And what do you guys think is it tyrant ?

Thanks !


I think it would probably be in the high elite tier but it is definitely very good


It’s definitely better, but I wouldn’t say tyrant, possibly High Elite if used correctly. The recent update made it much more versatile, and also able to fight back.


Ran into one 13/16/1 last night. Great revenge killer but not sure it’s quite tyrant. I will say I forgot about the counter attack! :rofl:

100% tyrant its only issue is being in swap in range some of the time. But as a creature with high base damage , a high damaging counter. And the ability to come in and out by playing a more defensive role, on top of countering the best creatures in the game.


I faced a maxed boosted one last day . It swiped my lvl 30 max boosted team

I think Diloracheirus is a tyrant now


Diloracheirus is amazing now, it counters or has a chance to counter a very large majority of the current meta, and can even outstall most resilient tanks.


I think it’s a tyrant. I battled one at level 24 with barely any boosts and it creamed my team of 28-30 boosted. It’s Fukui on steroids.

When you consider all the top teams are dropping Ptops now in favor of Dilo, it makes you think lol


My thoughts exactly! How come when players constantly complain about Fukui no one is there to say anything about Dilo? Even before this update, dilo with boosts in arena is a pain to kill with its endless healing cycle. For now when facing one, one can just hope that there is a Rexy or some sort in possession to keep the team from being wiped out.

Maybe because it’s been 2 days since the update and people are still figuring stuff out lmao