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Is Dimorphodon still considered “junk”?

Haven’t really seen any talk about Dimorphodon… Even when I had the original 4 Dino’s and was super successful with it, people still considered it as “junk”.
Now after 2.0 it’s the best bleeder? Opinions still the same?


Now it can bleed maxima soo… thats a thing.

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It definitely is much better now, if u invest enough health, even better

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What’s your team like now ?

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Agreed, with speed too. The only Dino that can do two bleeds back to back, definitely deserves to shine a bit now!


I was wondering how you were able to enter raids, now I get it :blush: loved your 4/5 creatures team but I understand you couldn’t maintain it…


Well I could have If I never unlocked posto… Posto is what killed it after 2.0.

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Actually, Dimodactylus can also do that.

@Qaw You got me! I did seriously look over it twice… have no idea how I missed that… so there are two so it would be left on opinion then… I always sacrifice Mine I wouldn’t want it to leave and risk something else…
Well still Dimorphodon has the higher bleed effect… so still technically is the “best bleeder” ae?

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I would say it’s a bottom 5, but it’s 100% not the worst. Majung and Lyth are probably worse

Wait, @zBatman I thought you only had 5 creatures

@Dinosaur_King 2.0 killed it, no longer a thing.

oh, why? @zBatman

@Dinosaur_King Because I had posto… I’d I never unlocked posto I could of continued it. Posto isn’t fit for pvp anymore I could of still worked with it, just would of been annoying.

Oh, ok, that’s kinda sad @zBatman

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