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Is diorajasaur OP?

No dio is not op, maybe a little bit strong, but for it’s class (with class i mean counter-attack not resilient) it’s way superior. Why all counter-attackers can’t be as strong as dio, they are almost crap not only the uniques but from other rarities too. This tournament i have been having a hard time facing dio high defense, and high attack for having a counter attack, but i don’t want him nerfed i prefer a buff to the other counter-attackers please.

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If your having problems with Dio just chuck Grypo at it, boom free kill


Dio is one of the most balanced uniques, in my opinion. It counters what it’s supposed to counter and loses to what it’s supposed to lose to. If it could pierce armor/break shields it’d be OP, but it can’t.


Yeah, a lot of other counter-attackers are really not doing very well (I don’t think Tryko really counts). Ludia has either nerfed them or just never buffed them properly.

grypo is great at counter attacking, so was carnotarkus…