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Is diplodocus really that good

I have heard people saying that diplodocus is useless is diplodocus really bad?


No. Diplo is insane.

Other then being a gem component. It can outdamage chompers, shield and has a plenty of hp

Defenetly needs a nerf


Diplodocus is certainly not really bad, its a complete boss with tons of hp to take lots of hits, can make and break shields, and decel rampage with its insane attack


Diplodocus in ARK? Yes.

Diplodocus in JWA? NO.

Diplo is super strong atm plus it makes one of the best unique hybrids.


Diplodocus is one of the 3 top nonhybrids in the game. It’s really darn strong. Can take out some creatures like tenontorex and gorgotrebax

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Got a little confused here the title and your post says the opposite thing
Diplo is good for it’s very high health (highest), good damage (very high for a sauropod) and speed is slow but it doesnt matter.
Moves are also great, it has a decel rampage with 1 delay but also only 1 cooldown, with it’s high health you have a chance to use the rampage twice if you dont get your counters. Its excellent in tournaments because it does 4500 in 2 turns which kills many things, while still having a lot of health left if opponent is slowed in 2nd turn. Shield advantage is also a great move for its ability to shatter and shield at the same time, it’s perfect for all cunnings, most resilients and a lot of fierces as well in epics or below. It even beats some legendaries and uniques

If Diplodocus needs a nerf it should lose Decel Rampage in exchange for Decel impact instead.