Is diplovenator a good counter for indo2?

Are there players here who has a team level diplovenator? since im low on gold i want to check if this dino will be a viablec counter for indo 2.


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i’ve tried her in the tournament against it. she isn’t horrible, but can’t usually kill an indo 2 on her own.

I don’t think Diplovenator will do very well against Indo 2 due to the immunity to Distraction. The counter will help, but that’s about it.

I actually like my maxima vs the indo gen 2… starting off with Decelerating Impact followed up with Definite Strike (since indo gen 2 will most likely be cloaked)

Sorry but no, I did use diplo against indo g2 but only for Thebes counter.
IR with phora and then swap to diplov

Nah, even with the definite strike and counter attack, indoraptor GEN 2 has distracting immunity so it’s string attacks won’t have any effect

It’s not really ideal. It is more of a Thor counter by design

If it was at a higher level, and boosted like crazy, maybe. But not really a counter.

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