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Is dodge really 75%?

Seriously, my dinos fail as many dodges as before with 50%. I really don‘t experience a 75% chance, someone else?

Losing tournament and arena battles due to it many times. Not to mention that swap in bug affecting lockdown turns.

But the dodges are failing so many times it just feels like 50%. 75% is as high as with stuns and those work way more often.

Personally it feels like 66%. It’s more consistent than before, but fails more often than stuns to me.

So I just flew from almost 300 trophies in tournament back to 100. Lost every battle because my dodges failed, recorded it.

Ornitho and Kelenken. Tried with Phorus and my opponents hit everytime through dodge so I benched it.

I‘m so in rage mode right now, I continue battling tomorrow.

But tbh, this isn‘t just a problem in the current tournament. I‘m just so frustrated right now that I decided to ask whether other players experience it like that.

In the arena, my Erlidom and Indo also fail to dodge. As often as before the change.

I’ve definitely noticed the difference, I can sometimes win without taking much damage because dodge works so well.

Yeah my indo is most certainly back to being able to take out 2 dinos if rng goes my way and sometimes.a third.

It’s 100% as far as I’m concerned.

I find the Indom cloaking to be the only reliable dodging move. Erlidom, Mexichicken, and Indos it has a very small reliability. At least from what I have witnessed.

I’ve had it fail multiple times in a row too, but my dinos most definitely dodge more often than before. It’s only expected that the more times you use it, the more times it’ll fail.

I don’t currently run any creatures that rely on stunning a lot, but I would like to point out that evasion is put to the test way more turns per battle than stunning moves are. If you were to use back-to-back stunning moves the way there are back-to-back evasion moves (e.g. Evasive Stance) you would probably notice it failing more often.

A similar effect is seen in the tournaments, where you need to grind battles in bulk, so the number of times you fail for the same probability increases. I remember in the epic tournaments a long time ago, when everyone ran the likes of Sinoceratops (pre-nerf), whenever I faced an opponent that also had one, I would often use the slower stunning move in the hope that their stun would fail. And that strategy worked way better than it had any right to.
Similar story with Stegoceratops (again, pre-nerf).

The more you battle, the more times RNG’ll fail you and your opponents. It’s why there’s been so many threads about RNG being rigged whenever there’s a tournament running.

I will not deny that this can be extremely annoying, and my sympathies to everyone who’s ever been consistently unlucky in a tournament before. Just remember that you’re not the only one.

From my experience the dodge works for sure 75% of the times i use it. I guess you have a very bad luck with rng.