Is Dodocevia good?

I’m currently looking for a legendary flock creature that’s viable at player lvl 12 and badlands arena. Can anyone tell me if dodocevia is a good choice? Or if I should stop building it and go for something else?

Dodocevia is solid. It’s not amazing but it does hit hard. With all the Thors down there though, flocks aren’t a great option. If you REALLY want a flock, go for something like ankylodactylus. That’s arguably tied for best legendary flock in the game as of now. Tarbognathus is busted too. Theyre both insane for different reasons. If you’re having troubles with resilients, go tarbognath, if it’s fierce or cunnings, go for ankydact. Ankydact can pretty reliably take down the problem causing rexy and Thor, which makes it useful. Just gotta use em right


As some who has used Dodocevia a lot it can be good but in those situations other flocks can be used like Ankylodactylus. The thing about Dodocevia is that you have to use it really carefully as it’s really weak to distract, dodge and shields and one wrong move can cost you your match.

Another tip: Use Alert Decoy when the going looks good.


Dodocevia is the worst legendary flock in my opinion
It’s not terrible but I’d recommend other creatures
Try Tarbo Ankylodac Sinokota Dread, Lystro or Coel
Teryx is also a good Epic option

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