Is Dracorex Gen2 the new Tany?

So with how common it is and it’s crazy awesome SIA, do you think this will replace the Tany on teams that have it? Since speed doesn’t really matter as they can swap it in at any time…

Problem I see is that the Dino itself isn’t really useful and since it’s locked for one turn after swap in, it probably won’t get to use that SIA very often.

So I ask you - Is the SIA good enough to be worth a slot on your team? Given that outside of SIA it’s really dead weight.

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It’s on my team until I get it’s hybrid.

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How are you finding it? What worries me is that with it on your team you are pretty much fighting 3 vs 4 since you only need it’s SIA!

Has it been useful so far? Or kind of only a niche use?

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When it’s tied 2-2 and you know you’re going to lose (either the opponent is faster, or does more dmg than you can take) is the time to swap in dracorex for the knockout.

If the opponent has knocked out 2 of your dinos, and you have a low hp dino, select it. Then swap in dracorex, bam. Confuses the hell out of them and you win if you’ve already killed two, lol


But maybe if you had a better dinosaur on the team you may not have come down to such a close battle? I just cant see its single use as being really worth placement over something that may be better or have a better move set!

Maybe lets see what the top players do lol!

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It’s pretty fun to use either way, lol


I’m finding it pretty underwhelming, but that could be it’s underleveled on my team, it’s level 14, my team ranges from 18-16. I do like sending it in for the confusion it causes, but it really is fighting a 3v4 since it’s SIA is really all i use it for. With that being said, it does have a niche on my team in a very, situational matchup, Stegodeus VS Tragodistis. It happened to me today, stegod got Trag’s HP down to about half then Bam Draco comes in with the shattering rampage and defeats trag. Other than this certain niche it’s going off my team once I get it’s hybrid.


I have been testing it all night in friendly battles with my alliance. It works extremely well when it is lined up to the right of a Dino with a swap out move. You can do over 3k easily between the two. However, as you already stated, you are left with a piece of paper to fight with. I offer you this… take a hard look at Baryonyx Gen 2. You may be surprised. Out.



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More like it has replaced the rare dracorex on teams that had it :smiley:

I miss the speed and IC, but the damage is worth it.

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Yeah I see that its SIA doesn’t lock it in place, but its only 1x damage :frowning:

Do you think this was intended? or a Ludia oversight about not getting swap locked at all?

It does, but only for one turn. It was 2 on the rare dracorex, but he has IC to help survive.

So it does infect get locked in place? the tooltip is just missing the text to say so?


Not missing for me

Not sure, but it is very interesting to see if you had both at the same time how much damage you could inflict!

The fusion is really bad honestly.

@Stiffeno I take it all back. I did some more testing with both. Baryonyx Gen 2 gets locked down for two turns (even though it doesn’t say that). If your Draco can survive just one hit, there is an extremely high chance you with kill 2 dinos very easily by swapping. I am still experimenting with the best combos. I’ve had a lot of success with using multiple dinos with swap in abilities. However, they are not all good together. Things can definitely go badly with the wrong combinations! Best of luck.


I was actually referring to Bary Gen 2, which doesn’t say it gets locked in place in the tooltip!

Haven’t had a chance to test it yet!

Yes, you did that to me in the friendly… Was like, what is this guy thinking, then it was over… Just in case you’re confused, my in-game name is Graecosaurus! :wink:


While you were testing and you had Draco on your team, did the battles feel like it was 3v4? knowing there wasn’t much Draco could do outside its one use?

Like when I had Tany on my team, I felt like it was a liability most of the time more than helpful! So pumping a bunch of coins into a common like that could ultimately end up as a waste…

And there is also the risk of it being changed or removed entirely if it does indeed turn out to be too OP.

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It’s a fun gimmick but so far I’ve had it happen to me 3 times and none of the times have they gotten me low enough to kill off a creature with the surprise swap. They could’ve done it in the middle of the battle but they saved it for the last 2-2 situation and in that situation it just wasn’t helpful since you’ll need to level it quite a lot before it strikes hard enough.