Is drone practice possible?


It seems that controlling the drones is difficult for many. Is there any way to practice controlling the drones and targeting stationary or moving objects that doesn’t deplete in game drone resources or it it does that can be managed by the players?

Some comments suggest this is by design. If so, understandable but wouldn’t giving players the opportunity to practice in simulation at least help us in real game situations sine we learn what our abilities actually are and can adjust accordingly??

Of course, if the intent is to increase misses and slow progress, the present situation is well done.


At this moment you can unfortunately not practice with the drone.
It is an idea for a onScreen controllers.
Then your indication shows which way to fly.
I have searched for a sample image:



I also would like that idea even if it’s just for a short tutorial area :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Dutchman, do the on screen controllers exist or would they have to be developed? In the example shot it looks like a control area over a street. Am I missing the drone or the recommended direction for movement?


@Necr0, a short tutorial would help but it will take actual practice before I learn to control the drone well enough to improve the DNA that I collect and the time to do so. If that must be in actual play then so be it, I accept that will take longer but if there are no alternatives then so be it.