Is dustcloud wai?

Had someone swap to Rodan against my rare snek. It gets swap in invincibility, but before it does I get swap out invincibility (I think; I already had a shield up). First turn alanqa is out he kills snek with sup strike before I get a hit off.

Working as intended?


If you’re wondering how on escape dust cloud’s invisibility work, it only works for swap in damage (swap in stunning strike, swap in savagery, etc), it wares off against regular moves (strike, armor piercing impact, etc).


Yep, thank you!

Well thats kinda useless

I agree, the invisibility should last for at least 1 regular turn for a regular move.


Cause ya right now I thing might be the worse swap out move cause like it doesn’t do anything

Okay, tried this and your explanation checks out.
I suppose it’s the swap that counts as a turn, and the SIA is part of that turn then.

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I’d say effects that last for a certain number of “turns” are slightly incorrect. They instead last that number of “actions.” Suppose you use Evasive Strike. The opponent uses Strike and Run into Dracoceratops. Your evasion will protect you from the initial strike (action 1) but not the DC’s savagery (action 2).
So if the opponent swapped in Velociraptor instead, your Dust Cloud’s invincibility still could have protected you from a pounce because that would’ve been the first action.

Nope. That’s what I thought too (hence the deleted post).
I tested it out in Campaign.

Anyway, it appears that the “turn” referred to is the swap.
The cool thing about this is I think it confirms that, in a hit-and-run-SIA combo, it’s the swap that’s the extra turn, not the SIA.
That means every Run move is 2 turns.
It’s something I’ve been curious about for a while :hugs:.