Is Enteloceros worth it?

Hi guys! I have a question for you!

After the update arrived, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go deer hunting. Why?
Because I got my eyes on Enteloceros.

On paper, I find it to have a very good moveset. I haven’t checked it’s stats, but I’m wondering if it is worth adding it to my team? I’m currently at the beginning of Aviary, just having left Lockwood Manor.

Does anyone have any information about it that I should know?


It looks stupid haha

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So? Just look at Entelolania

Eh I’m not sure, I would definitely wait and see if (or when) they fix the 2 turn rampage cooldown


If you’re just entering Aviary, I may set your sights on more uniques rather than legendaries to level up and move forward with. That being said, however, there are plenty of legendaries that can give uniques a run for their money, but i’d advise to do whatever you want if you have fun with it. Not sure if Entelo will be viable in the arena, though. You may want to wait and see how it performs once you fuse it. Maybe play some friendly battles with it to test it out.

I’ll do that, thanks for the heads up

It looks stupid too lol

idk rn its rampage cooldown is glitched so wait until then

it looks almost like a bear tho

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id say i think it looks decent

I like the look of it, just not sure if it’s worth investing in myself. Probably not but could be fun regardless.

I can vouche for entolania lol


If you believe in its potential, especially after boosting it, id say go for it.

Just do what ever you want to do. If you think it has potential then go for it. It’s entirely up to you.

I have to disagree. It looks so much better than the new green chicken


All the new ones look awful. The para is good in the tournament though.

I’ll take your word for it since I’ve only seen 4 P.Lux in the wild. :roll_eyes:

Whoa! That’s rough. I’ve been seeing more here lately. I use to see one each night I went out. Then they changed it to anytime and I saw them for a while and went through a drought without any. Now I’m starting to see them again. I think they’ve upped the spawn rate for the hybrid.

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Well thats good for you. Lol

I wish I’d see more. Would be nice.

At least you’re seeing Para lux