Is Erlidominus good?

Hey there JWA Players, i have wondering and considering if i should get erlidominus for a long time. I have enough dna to get erlikosaurus to lvl 20 and fuse for the hybrid but should i do it or should i not?

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Erlidominus is one of the worst uniques in the game


I personally think erlidominus is pretty good.


There was a time when Erlidominus was one of the best uniques in the game, but that time has sadly passed.

I would suggest saving your coins, personally. I very rarely see them in the arena (Library-Gyrosphere), and when I do, it’s rare that I have any problem taking them down. With a bit of luck, even my Morty can bring down an Erlidom.


It is not really a matter of opinion. Hard facts are that erlidominus is trash. You can like it (I used to) but it is definitely not good.


E-dom has been powercreeeped for a long time now. I love it but it’s one of the worse uniques in the game now.


Its good, but its not meta


For an unique it’s not good…
If you compare it with commons and rares… OK…

A lot of legendaries and even some epics are better.


It’s fine if you know how to work with it. But overall it’s worse than the new cunnings.

Yeah erlidom desperately needs a rework its the only unique that has a basic rampage.
If cloak gave erlidom 100% chance to dodge 66.7% of all dmg it might bring him back maybe :thinking:


It’s probably one of the best counters to Thor now that Thor can cleanse itself of Distraction, but otherwise it’s been severely power crept on sadly.

It’s still absolutely worth getting for the lower arenas, but just know the closer you get to the higher arenas, you’re gonna find yourself up against a lot of other Cunnings that can very easily handle it, as well as the Resilients obviously.

It’s just bad
Honestly so many cunning uniques are just better than it like spyx and I’m not even mentioning apexes like Ref
If you really want an Indom hybrid I’d actually go for Indoraptor

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They murdered Erlido with the change in mechanics and arrival of 1001 moves that go through cloak… Then they stepped on its corpse with the introduction of flocks


Erlindom is potentially fun, but it has 0 use in this game rn besides being a potential Thor counter early on. It’s trash for raids, it’s terrible In PvP, and the only good thing about it these days is the looks. Looks great, but unless you’re using it for fun or looks, yeah don’t bother.

What arena are you in?

I recently came back to the game and it’s still on my team fully boosted. Like people said it used to be really good. Ludia is not that keen on refunding boost tokens or a full boost reset, So its still on my team. In my opinion its not really that bad (5400-5600 trophy mark) I really want to replace it, but you know… not enough stat boosts. In other words save your Cash, DNA and stat boost. There are far better options.

No (10 char)