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Is erlikospyx good?

Hiho all.

I have a project in case of a boost shuffle. I’m using a lvl 30 indoraptor with 146 speed and 6 boost in damages, and base health.

Atm, I have erliko at 21 but I created around 1150 DNA atm. I got 23xx spino Gen 2 DNA, some bary Gen 2 and 136xx erliko Gen 2. But, my zone in february will have bary Gen 2 spawn a lot.

I will apply old boost from my indo to my erliko in case of boost shuffle.

Did erliko is good? Better then indo?

It’s better to bypass armor or bypass evasion?


Erlikospyx is very good, especially when played right against certain creatures (tryko, maxima) and it’s the bane of thor, so if you have thor issues than spyx is definitely for you.

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Spyx is currently the only cunning in tyrannt. It’s High Health (3rd tankiest cunning), great damage, and amazing speed means it can take and deal great damage.

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Yes the best cunning so far.we still dont know how will gorgotrebax behave in arena so for now it’s the best tyrant cunning

It is the ultimate distraction user. You need to bypass cloak, well he’ll distract indom as well with a rampage. It has a revenge distraction move and instant distraction. You also don’t need to speed boost it as much cuz it can increase its speed


Haha thank’s for those answer’s! I also love his design. If guess I will do that in case of boost shuffle. Too bad it’s not immune to deceleration like before (spynonix is).

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Beware the murder duck!!!

My Spyx currently Annihilates those pesky Thor’s in this arena, SHES amazing, Good Health, she’s pretty fast, It’s Revenge move comes in very handy to do 4x Damage and it’s resistant to stuns, which makes it a REALLY Good counter against Thor, And Spyx Itself isn’t actually a bad counter against Metrodon since it can’t be distracted while Metrodon Can, so unless your faster or if Metrodon isn’t boosted, Spyx could take out a Metrodon if used correctly, and if you want to get rid of those Thor’s, Erlikospyx is the right creature for you


I would defo recommend it, even more if it’s taking indoraptor place, it’s quite a huge upgrade. Mine’s still a work in progress, but already doing really well in gyro even though it’s only 27 with 23 boosts. Really happy with it so far.

Short answer to the title: yes


Indo can’t hold a candle to Spyx, I’ll also be putting it on my team once we get a boost shuffle

Max boost speed and add some to damage i suppose is the common play?

No…put most in damage, then speed, then health.I have my Spyx around 154 speed to counter Mortem, Thor, Grypo, etc. You’re likely not going to outspeed Quetz, Magna or other speedsters. So you want a balanced build. A little bit in health to survive a first round attack (Thor/Mortem) and most on attack. If you crit on attack you can take out most Mortems, Thor’s, etc. with around 6000+ attack.

I wanted to experiment with my spyx so i want to Max her damage and rest goes to health.ive Heard that there is one top player using spyx like i am going to

Have both on my team but spyx counters a lot of the cunnings and fierce then Indoraptor, just note however that spyx is not the best of counters towards some of the other resilients like Indoraptor is.