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Is everyone effected by the Night Fury refresh rune bug?

Seeing a lot of posts talking about either level 300 rune refresh costing 1890 runes or people with less than 1890 runes not being able to refresh. Is this effecting everyone? Has anyone been able to successfully refresh the 300 rune tier without issue?

Hopefully this issue gets fixed, but yes people are losing immense amounts of runes while people who don’t have many can’t reset at all. Its ridiculous that this keeps happening, and frankly I think the support team needs to make the customers a priority in returning said runes as I hope they are.

I reset twice. Lost about 3k runes :sob:

For me it was 2nd reset too.

Yup. Just lost over 1800 runes. I thought they might be fixing it during maintenance but apparently not. Hopefully they’ll extend the Toothless event and return the runes

It cost runes to reset for a little while then changed. Now it’s free to reset.

You can reset for free once every 24 hours

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They returned my 1500 runes and advised to only do the free resets, so I’d do the same for everyone else. But they did return my runes within a day so thumbs up to the support team from me

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Yes. I reset and got charged more than 2000 runes. I emailed the support team. I hope it gets fixed and they let the event go a little longer

ive lost 4000 so far… no reply from the DEVS tho

I still haven’t gotten my runes back has anyone! I sent a email to them at 8ish am

@Starwing200 did you send it in game or through your regular email?

It happened to me twice. I emailed about both times and they returned some of the runes I lost the second time, but not all and none for the first time, so I’ve emailed them again. I don’t want to wait on just free restarts since I’m so freaking close to getting him! Gah!