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Is everyone keeping the same battle team?

Checking teams that have put boosts back on im not seeing much changes in teams. I haven’t studied the stats too closely yet, so is it a good guess that most of the same dinos are still viable battlers as before??

It’s too soon to know. Be patient and give it time.

No, I need the new fluffball on my team. I’ve decided this time to play with favourites.

Swapped spyx for fluffy rat. Gemini actually seems to still be pulling its weight and cannot be slowed.

I’m guessing fluffy rat is the new pesky dracoseratops?

Just faced a 141 speed Thor and 149 Indo G2. Best them 3-1

Yeah. Huge rat.

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Well so far going boost free, and trying dif. dinos. Im actually trying to lvl other hybrids to team avg such as Stegodeus, Monom, etc. Thor is pretty much useless


My old team:

  1. Delta

  2. Thoraldosaurus

  3. Procerathomimus

  4. Dracorex Gen 2

  5. Spinonyx

  6. Ardentismaxima

  7. Diplovenator

  8. Phorusaura

After the update Thor unfortunately had to leave the team, since he no longer has his rampage. Will probably be more useful in raids.
Thor is being replaced by Thylacotator, now that it inherited Marsupial Lion’s 100% resistance to speed decrease, and also has gotten Maiming Wound (0,4 DoT)!

Delta was mostly on the team because I am the leader of the alliance Team Delta, so sort of a gimmick, as well as easy to get her DNA. Plus she was mostly used to do a lot of damage early and lure out eventual Dracoceratops. Also the impact and run was quite useful. She is lvl 29 and I still love her, but I felt it’s hard to defend putting her back after the boost reset.
Now I have replaced Delta with a level 28 Smilodon. Unlike Delta Smilodon can get past the cloaks etc., so that’s a big reason Smilo is joining. Why not Smilo’s hybrids? I hate their appearences and I prefer Smilodon’s ability to Prowl before the opponent’s attack, while its hybrids have it after. :crazy_face:


First of all mine was lvl 29. The speed is reduced to 127, and isn’t that problematic with a few boosts. Procera’s new weakness is being able to slowed down now. The damage is about the same. The main problem was a much lower health. After 15 (!) health boosts it only has 3889 health.

While everyone focuses on the negatives and the nerfing, I will argue that Procerathomimus got new advantages. Its Cunning Strike lets it distract the opponent the turns while waiting for Distracting Rampage. And now the best part; Procera now has a new nullifying counter attack. That means each and every time an opponent attacks it, their positive effects fades away! So I’m over all happy with Procerathomimus 2.0 :grin: