Is everyone’s team the same?


This game has become so stale for me for the lack of variation I come across. Rex, Einiasuchus, Stegoceratops, Pyro, gorgo. Every round. It’s obnoxiously annoying to me.
I’ve been locked in lockdown forever now because of this.
Team advice?


get the same team 202020


Oh finally I got it why you always end with 202020 :sweat_smile: yes you can call me Sherlock Holmes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@DinoMaster3000 could you please put your team and your collection here so that we can give you better advice on what to change or what dino keep focusing on levelling.


Haha, I was wondering that too?? All I found was the 202020 rule to prevent eye strain :nerd_face::joy:


Lol. The forum requires you to type at least 20 characters per post. 202020 adds in the extra needed.


:joy: I did not know that! Haha, and here I thought @Sprectomegakai was offering free lance ophthalmology advice :eyes: lol


It seems that way if you look at the leaderboard. I mean, if it works fine but they all just look like the same person.


Having decent success with this though it’s basically fighting fire with fire. Haven’t upgraded gorgo any yet just because I haven’t decided if I want megalosuchus or spinotahsuchus first down the line


In your shoes, I will add in the team a fast attacker (V–Raptor or Deinocheiro), and maybe switch your T-Rex for Tarbo (this last one is more healthy seen the dinos details, not so different damage but a huge chance to get critical hit) just be sure to use her against all except for tanks with shield that she is not able to destroy.
I am not sure if your Anchilocodonte is strong enough for lockdown, lev 12 is 1972 hp and 404 dmg, compared to your Einasuco lev 14 with 2040 hp and 724.
Keep me posted on what advice you followed and the results! :wink: Good luck!